Cash For Paedos – An Inconvenient Truth?

The NSPCC is vexed about the police using a convicted child rapist to provide the information they needed to prosecute and convict 17 Asian men and one woman who groomed, drugged and raped up to 300 vulnerable girls in the Newcastle area. Police say the informant did not participate in the abuse of these girls, he was used to ferry them to houses as a taxi driver and gather what evidence he could about vehicles, participants and venues. He was paid £10000 over a 5 year period. The headline news is that 18 have been convicted as part of Operation Sanctuary but the actual figure brought to justice in this one operation is 100.  From a moral perspective paying a child rapist is uncomfortable to contemplate (it may be argued he should have still been in jail anyway and how did he get local authority permission to set up as a taxi driver?) and if his victim became aware of the payment she would rightfully be dismayed. However, the police had to prevent these vile men from perpetrating any further crimes and an undercover officer would have to have spent years gaining the trust of this gang. The informant had a built in ‘legitimacy’ to quickly gain that trust and therefore gather evidence in a more expedite fashion. What is concerning is that the story of the payment has diluted the fact that this is yet another Asian/Muslim group targeting young white girls for sex following Rochdale, Aylesbury, Oxford and 40 other towns and cities. Whilst we are taught to worry about the relatively small threat of terrorism by radical Islamists hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Muslim men are raping underage girls under the noses of their own communities and ours. There is zero possibility that the men in this case and all the other cases were not known to their communities and yet are allowed to continue with relative impunity. The average sentence for men found to be involved in these acts is only 3 years – serving around 18 months – the average sentence for a lone white individual paedophile is 12 years. Perhaps the only effective deterrent would be a life sentence for all convicted regardless of colour or religion or, if they have to be released at some point, a tattoo on the forehead stating ‘rapist’ or ‘paedophile’. See how long they last in the community then. In such a pious ‘peaceful’ religion such as Islam there seems to be a sizeable number dedicated to violence and various crimes against humanity. If these people hate white people and our free society so much why not fuck off to a country which celebrates their depravity? Too cowardly I suspect. Just a note on the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, who seem to believe letting these men continue with their crimes would be better than paying 10 grand to one individual to prevent them, what exactly are they doing with the millions and millions of pounds they receive? Have they prevented one single grooming incident? Brought to justice even one member of any one rape gang? Stopped the trafficking of even one child for the purposes of sexual exploitation? One final point, the court prevented the media from reporting this case until convictions were assured on the basis of it’s ‘sensitive’ nature. By ‘sensitive’ read ‘racial’. No such restrictions were placed on the reporting of the trials of Rolf Harris, Gary Glitter, Fred Talbot and many more sick WHITE paedophiles. The colour of a sex offender should not be in any way relevant to their treatment in the Justice system and why does the government not include the Asian crimes against white girls in the hate crime/incidence of racism figures?


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