Channel 4s Diana Tapes – Car Crash TV?

royalfamily4  royalfamily3

Royal schmoozers have been getting quite exorcised by the thought of Channel 4 showing a documentary which will suggest the Royal family, especially Prince Charles, are a bunch of over-privileged, dysfunctional arseholes who have no care but to preserve their status as the most pampered family in history. We only have to remember that Charles ’employs’ (for which read taxpayers) over 150 servants, some of whom are expected to squeeze his toothpaste onto a brush, to shine his shoes and tie his shoelaces. Most of these flunkeys are male, almost exclusively white and are almost certainly mainly gay. Anyone think Charles is straight? Or Edward? Anyway, back to Diana – a rather dim but pleasant to look at girl chosen to be breeding stock for the future King. Charles met Diana no more than 13 times (on her own admission) before asking her to marry him and she, believing stupidly that she was in love with him and he with her, agreed. Continued bloodline guaranteed. Charles treated her like the cattle stock that she was and when she realised she decided to fight back by being videoed talking about the British Sopranos in terms that can only have angered the Establishment. Of 12 tapes that were made only 7 survive – no one (even the man who made them) knows what happened to the other 5 or what was on them. Admitting to an affair with her bodyguard Barry Mannakee he was dismissed from his job and died in an ‘accident’ three weeks later. Of course that was only a coincidence, like the crash in which Diana died after continuing an affair with a Muslim – like a knife in the back of the family. Bizarrely William and Harry were seen in a documentary this week to mark the 20th anniversary of her murder….sorry, accidental death…and this was widely praised by the media (it was so anodyne and bland, showing only the positive image of their mother, which I guess is fair enough) and now the media is incensed that there is a programme which shows how isolated and broken Diana was. Seems a little hypocritical as they are running the stories covered in the programme, selling more newspapers on the back of having Diana on the front covers and trying to suggest we should only hear one side of the tale. No doubt Charles is apoplectic to be exposed as a pompous uncaring prig but then we all know that anyway, don’t we? When the Queen dies the rest of these retarded inbreeds should be put out to pasture and returned to Germany where they belong. A monarchy of unelected quasi-deities is, in the 21st Century, as old fashioned and out of date as burning witches at the stake.


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