Grenfell Cover Up Continues As Police Create Fog Of Confusion

corrupt1  corrupt2

For some inexplicable reason Scotland Yard have announced that they may bring Corporate Manslaughter charges against Kensington and Chelsea council and the Tenant Management Organisation (TMO) responsible for Grenfell Tower. This a strange move as the police do not publicise charges before putting evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service and getting the go ahead to press those charges. The suspicion must be that the story has been leaked to show they are making at least some progress with the six week investigation. There are problems with taking this line; first, since the introduction of the Corporate Homicide Act in 2007 there has not been one single successful prosecution; second, even if the prosecution were to succeed no individual will be held accountable for the deaths and finally the only recourse of the court is to fine the corporations involved which would mean that in the case of the council the people paying the fine would be local council tax payers including the surviving victims and families of the dead – effectively punishing them for the deaths of their own loved ones. Scandal? You bet. If the TMO was found guilty they would just put their rents up to compensate. Not exactly justice. This makes you wonder if the heads of council and the TMO who resigned 3 weeks ago were given prior warning as a successful prosecution would’ve led to calls for their resignations anyway. Now the new heads of these organisations can say no one needs to lose their jobs and ‘lessons will be learned’. Also by giving the TMO and council advance notice of possible prosecution they can now rid themselves of incriminating documents and spend time getting their story straight before court proceedings begin. If you never believed the Establishment looks after it’s own look no further…..or if you still need convincing…..the fracking company Cuadrilla has just brought in drilling equipment under cover of darkness to their test site at Preston New Road, Blackpool – illegal under the terms of their planning application. This was done with the express complicity and agreement of Lancashire Police who knew the action was illegal. Lest we forget local people voted against the drilling, the local council voted against the drilling and central government forced them to accept it. The police are breaking the law to support political policies of the government. That’s what we would call a police state if it were China or Saudi Arabia. Just a final note the policing for the Cuadrilla site is costing £500,000 per month. Is Cuadrilla picking up the bill? Nah, course not, it’s the taxpayer.


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