The Law Of Unforeseen Consequences

electriccar1.png  electriccar2  electriccar3

Backstabbing slimeball and Environment Secretary Michael Gove has outlined government plans to stop petrol and diesel cars being sold from 2040 and outlawed by 2050. The reasoning given is, of course, to cut air pollution and thereby save thousands of lives per year. This would be a worthy argument if it were not for the fact that electricity is not a clean fuel. We would need more coal powered fuel stations, more nuclear power plants and at least 30 million 50 ft power cables for drivers to charge their cars of an evening, even if every driver could park their car outside their houses, which they can’t and what if you live in a tower block? On average each petrol station in the country services 5 cars every 10 minutes for fuel. How many power points would each need to top up the cars needing a boost? 50? 100? What would happen in the Middle East as their main source of income, oil, is now redundant? If you thought terrorism and war was prevalent now wait and see what it would be like in 2050 – but at least Saudi Arabia would be unable to afford to buy weapons of major destruction from Britain to bomb innocent families in the Yemen and elsewhere. Last year the National Grid said they were struggling to keep up with consumer demand for electricity and might have to begin rationing like in the 70s when the lights were switched off between 7pm and 11pm. Viewers of Love Island 2041 will be mightily p*ssed off. How on Earth will the grid cope with 30 million cars being charged every day? Meltdown. How will the lorries and trucks transporting our avocados and quinoa fare? Every motorway in the country will become a graveyard of big beasts unable to reach Sandbach services for a top up. The big winners will be the electricity companies, most of which are owned by the French and Chinese and car producers mainly in Germany, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and France so our money will be winging it’s way to help the Chinese repress and imprison political opposition and send their children and wives/husbands to slave labour gulags. Y’see? Unforeseen consequences. Some good news, police car chases will be safer as criminals and police will only to be able to travel at about 40 mph, caravans will disappear from our roads as towing one will cut the distance that can be travelled on one charge down to about 4 miles. If I had my cynical head on (which is only around 99% of the time) then I would suggest this scheme will stop poor people driving as the cost of a new electric car would be prohibitive to most on lower incomes, and further Michael Gove may just be talking shit for the sake of appearing to be an environmentalist, which is not a natural Tory position – pitch for the leadership anyone? Oh, and one other thing currently electric cars are not subject to road tax. How is the government going to pay for maintenance of the roads? Calm down everyone it’s not going to happen is it? I nearly bought an electric car myself recently but I thought I was being overcharged.


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