What Would The UK Get From A Post-Brexit Trade Deal With The US? Chlorine Washed Chicken, Hormone Fed Beef And Unregistered GM Crops.

gmfood1  gmfood2  gmfood3

International Trade Secretary and professional smug Tory Liam Fox has intimated that once the UK leaves the European Union we will be able to relax import regulations and do a deal with the US that will open our borders to steroid injected cattle the size of an elephant, chickens as big as an emu and washed in chlorine and genetically modified tomatoes as large as a pumpkin. Hmm. What’s not to like? The Americans have been desperate to sell us this shit for decades but EU rules have prevented them from doing so – the EU believing that growth hormone injected cows might just be detrimental to human life. If any proof were needed the US is now the most obese nation on Earth (indeed this is the first time in human history worldwide that more deaths are caused by over-eating than famine) – ‘experts’ will argue that Americans are so fat because they eat too much and that is partially true. It may also be true that they are consuming so many growth hormones through their meat that this is changing the physiology of the human body, turning people into blobs. Even worse no one knows what effects eating GM crops will have long term on humans. Perhaps the Zombie apocalypse is less science fiction and more science near future. If anyone has seen cows up close in the UK and in the US, and I have, it’s like looking at Chris Froome against Anthony Joshua. The meat yield of an American Stallone cow is about three times that of a UK Daisy and that’s not because they spend more time in the gym. Even as a Leave voter if this is what we can expect from trade deals post-Brexit maybe I’d prefer Juncker to Trump. I don’t really want to be experimented on by demented American scientists.


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