How To Keep Abreast Of Gender Politics

gender1.png   gender2.png   gender3

The government have announced a consultation on whether to allow people who identify as a different gender to their birth gender to simply sign a form to that effect rather than have to have lived as that gender for two years and having undergone psychological assessment. Just to be clear gender and sex are not the same thing although the government seems not to understand this. Sex is based on anatomy, either your sex is male or it is female, gender is what you feel you are. A person who has male genitalia but feels like they should be a woman is still male, at least until an operation is performed. In recent weeks the media has reported on the ‘first male births’ in the UK – women who identify as men giving birth. This is not men having babies, it is women having babies as men do not have the right engineering. There has to be a suspicion that these ‘men’ wanted the notoriety of being classed as the first to produce offspring. By making gender change as easy as signing a form the government is opening a whole can of non-binary worms – how many men receiving long sentences in prison may decide they are now identifying as women to get time in a women’s prison? If the government legislate against that they would be open to all manner of discrimination cases, costing fortunes to the taxpayer. Being liberal is generally a good thing, equality is certainly a good thing but changing fundamental laws to accommodate 0.4% (probably less) of the population seems radical for the sake of being radical. Giving men looking like Winston Churchill in a mini skirt the chance to frequent women’s rest rooms because they’re now called Julie seems like a regressive, possibly dangerous, move.


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