BBC Reveals Star Salaries Showing The Corporation Is A Racist, Sexist, White Boys Club. Not So Left-wing then?

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After trying for months to prevent the ‘star’ salaries being published the BBC have finally succumbed and produced a list of the 96 highest paid ‘talents’. Around two thirds of these ‘stars’ earning over £150,000 are male with Chris Evans (he of the risible revamping of Top Gear) at the top with £2.25million. Huh? Yes, that’s right £2.25million for a radio show. Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker earns £1.75 million for his contribution of 10 minutes per programme asking the likes of Alan Shearer whether that was a penalty. The BBC justify this by saying Mr Lineker brings viewers to the programme, which is a strange argument considering every football fan I have ever known couldn’t give a toss who presents it as long as they get to see the days action. It could be a monkey in a shell suit and football fans would still switch on to watch Bournemouth take on Hull City in an exciting 0 – 0 draw. The One Show (for those of you unfamiliar, it is a nightly show  of such utter banality it makes the Teletubbies seem like Newsnight) presenters are paid over £400,000 each, although the male presenter, Matt Baker, earns more than his colleague Alex Jones. Awkward. Alan Yentob, not a well known name to may, who was fired by the BBC after his involvement in the downfall of Kid’s Company, which took millions from the government to help vulnerable children and misused that money, is being paid £250,000 a year to present Imagine – a TV programme on about 3 times a year AND he also receives a pension of……get this…..£6MILLION per year. Bit of a slap in the face to licence fee payers. These revelations though are the tip of an Antarctic iceberg – the BBC encouraged many of their top paid employees to set up their own bogus production companies to receive their salaries – these are not covered by the edict to publish salaries. Hopefully this will be the sounding of the death knell for the bloated, unaccountable BBC and the horrific white boys club.


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