BBC Controversy As George Osborne Is Overlooked As The New Doctor Who

dr who1   dr who2.png

Oh, the consternation. People who have no problem with an immortal regenerating alien travelling through space and time in a wooden police box have been quick to complain that the 13th Doctor will be a woman. These are generally men who have little contact with females or get out of their bedrooms much. Many have posted that this is political correctness gone mad – the same people who are ruled by a woman Prime Minister, a Queen, ruled by a female EU leader and have mothers who wash their bed sheets, prepare their meals, buy their underpants and comfort them when they’ve lost 3 -1 to Paraguay on FIFA 2017. Of course there is an argument which is undeniably true that there have now been more female Doctor Who’s than woman leaders of the Labour Party. The fact that there has been such vitriol aimed at Jodie Whittaker suggests that we have a way to go before equality is just accepted as how things should be and how long will it be before this patriarchal society is consigned to the waste bin of societal norms? Very few are speaking up about the scandal of apprenticeships where, on average, young women are paid £4-82 per hour and men £5-85. On Wednesday the BBC will, for the first time, publish figures for how much their top ‘stars’ are paid (those above £150,000) and it is expected women will be shown to earn much less than their male counterparts – and this is supposed to be one of our most progressive employers. If Gary Lineker is worth £1million per year to present one hour per week of Match Of The Day for 30 weeks then I’m the next Doctor.

Quick bite – Tony Blair was paid £330,000 for a twenty minute speech on the subject of………….world hunger……..yep, what a *${&.


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