Magic Money Tree 1

UK Taxpayer 0

Cost of a vote from each DUP MP £100million

Cost of propping up 1 desperate UK Prime Minister £1billion

dup1   dup2

London. !950s. A gang run by Ronnie and Reggie Kray terrorised London businesses by threatening to wreck their premises unless a ‘protection fee’ was paid. This was known as extortion, blackmail, intimidation, terrorism, criminality. In the 1970s and 80s Republican and Unionist criminals ran similar rackets to fund their terrorist activities. In 2017, in order not to wreck the chances of the Conservatives continuing in government, the DUP has exacted a price of £1 billion from the British taxpayer. The deal has been termed ‘grubby’, ‘immoral’ and ‘unconscionable’. The Prime Minster and Amber Rudd told voters during the election campaign that there was no ‘magic money tree’ to fund pay rises for nurses, to prevent cuts to the police and fire services and to pay for social care, the NHS and mental health services. Yet a fortnight later sizeable amounts of money are available to pay off a socially retarded party in Northern Ireland who garnered around 250,00 votes in return for keeping a discredited, incompetent, empathy-free Prime Minister in office. There is no money to provide sprinkler systems in social housing tower blocks – a cost of £1.2 billion – yet the hundreds of thousands of residents in danger of becoming the next Grenfell are to be held to ransom by 10 MPs. Corruption is not too strong a word, nor are disgraceful, warped, diseased or intellectually bankrupt. Per head of population Northern Ireland residents already receive more money than the English, Scottish or Welsh, a price exacted by those party to the Good Friday Agreement. Considering Northern Ireland is considered a deprived region one has to wonder ‘where has all the money gone?’. Mostly to pay the devolved assembly MPs NOT to be in government for the last 6 months. This ludicrous situation would be funny if it were not so serious and it will only get worse as this Conservative government lurches from one crisis to the next over the coming months. And don’t even get me started on Brexit.


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