2017 – Summer Of Satan

grenfell tower           grenfell

grenfell2     grenfell3

Manchester, Westminster Bridge, London Bridge, Finsbury Park, Grenfell, DUP and the Tories, Otto Warmbler, the Brexit negotiations debacle. What is happening? Chaos is endemic all across the country and the world. Terrorism in Britain is more frequent than ever before, at least 79 people are burned to death in their homes as a result of national and local government failure, our democracy is being held up by a party whose manifesto is effectively the Old Testament Bible with fortnightly bin collections and North Korea seem hell-bent on provoking the most dangerous man in the world, Donald Trump, into war. In addition we have a dad-of-4 white Welsh terrorist driving hundreds of miles to wreak havoc on the Muslim community in London. The Chief Constables of Lancashire and Greater Manchester have gone on the record to say that government cuts to police services are leaving all of us more vulnerable to crime and terrorism. In Greater Manchester the continuing cuts amount to 1 in 4 of that forces police numbers. How long before innocent people suffer as a result of this economic vandalism? There are thousands of tower blocks fitted with the flammable cladding found on Grenfell Tower – a problem 4 Housing Ministers have ignored over the last 8 years. Ministers were told by many experts that a towering inferno style fire was not a matter of if, but when. This government has the blood of many on it’s hands as does the local authority and the TMO. The government are also playing hard and fast with the Good Friday agreement by forming a coalition with the DUP, raising the spectre of a return to Republican and Unionist terrorism in Northern Ireland, and, by turn, on mainland Britain. The ‘Real IRA’ will not countenance being second fiddle to the DUP. There will be no deal with the EU over the Brexit talks; we simply cannot pay the ‘divorce settlement’ never mind agree terms over trade and regulation, leaving Britain between a rock and a hard place over having to leave on WTO terms. Chaos is guaranteed in the next few months as a weak, unsteady and unloved government lurches from one crisis to the next. Expect demonstrations, a period of anarchy and a clamour for a new election which Theresa May will not grant and even if she does the outcome is likely to be another hung Parliament, which suits no one. We should all load up Amazon and buy ourselves a hard hat and hunker down until the dust settles – this may take some time.


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