Time For The Young To Mobilise

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There’s one thing certain about the general election result (and it isn’t that Theresa May is the worst ever political campaigner, although it does) and that is young people are more engaged with politics than ever before. The reason? Jeremy Corbyn. I fear that after turning out in record numbers and not getting the government they wanted young people will, once again, return to being cynical about the political system. They voted for forward thinking, youth orientated policies and are left with a Conservative party desperately clinging to power propped up by the odious Democratic Unionist Party – people who believe the Earth is only 4000 years old, gays should not pass Go and go straight to hell, that women should be told what to do with their bodies, that Unionist terrorism is acceptable and climate change is a myth. This is not an acceptable government to be ruled by and the only way to change this is by protest – this is more of an affront to reasonable governance than Thatcher’s hated Poll Tax and scarier than the authoritarianism described in ‘The Handmaids Tale’. Take to the streets, boycott the print news media; Express, Mail, Times etc, Starbucks, Facebook, Amazon, Nandos, McDonalds. Spend your money ethically, drag your parents to marches, force the government to listen and to act. Doing nothing means nothing will be done in your name, government will continue in the name of vested interests, large corporations and for the good of the ruling parties, no matter how distasteful they may be. Direct action saw an end to the poll tax, to apartheid, to discrimination against blacks in the US, to women not being allowed the vote. Action works. The future is everyone’s to claim but especially true for the young. The meek will not inherit the Earth – the strong will. Don’t let the Tories and the DUP outmuscle you. They are currently weak, susceptible to challenge and disorganised. They can be ousted but it needs to be before they can gather their troops behind them. Boris Johnson anyone? Euurrghh.


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