No election news, no terrorism news. Today is a holiday……….what the hell to talk about?

Hottest Ever Planet Discovered

 planet1   planet2  planet3  planet4

Hotter than the inhabitants of Love Island (if you think that type of thing is hot – a place where ‘thick’ does not necessarily refer to the circumference of your neck), hotter than midday in the Qatari desert and even hotter than the inside of a Mcdonalds apple pie KELT-9b is a new planet discovered by scientists. The planet has a temperature surface of around 7,820F and lies 650 light years away from Earth. This is 2000F warmer than the last hottest known planet in the universe and travels round it’s star at such a rate that 1 year on KELT-9b lasts one and a half days. The figures are Diane Abbott-like startling (sorry). The more we discover about the universe the stranger it gets – even stranger than Liam Gallagher’s choice of songs at the Manchester concert (sorry can’t help myself).  This follows last weeks announcement that NASA will be sending a probe to monitor the Sun but we already know that it is a right-wing rag owned by a megalomaniac geriatric. What more do we need to find out except how to put it out?

In other science-y type news it has been discovered that ingesting magnesium is an aid to sleep. An example the scientists use is coffee, which has 10% of your daily requirement of magnesium. However caffeine is a stimulant so this cancels out the benefits of magnesium. You may ask what was the point of the research then? …………….hold on, I’m trying……….nope, you got me. In the same research paper one glass of water contains 33% of your magnesium needs. So drink water then.

Here’s a nod to those boffins at BA who are now blaming human error for the global meltdown of their computer systems last weekend which left thousands of travellers stranded. First it was a ‘power outage’, then it was definitely, certainly, without a shadow of a doubt not a cyber attack, now it’s some poor Joe who has pressed Control/Alt/Delete and taken the entire IT system down across the world. But, most of all, it wasn’t a cyber attack. You must be crazy to think that it was.


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