Theresa May Cuts 20,000 Police. Terrorism Increases. Coincidence?

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As far as I can tell there are 146 taxpayer funded Muslim community groups in the country whose aim is to prevent acts of terrorism. Members of these groups receive substantial salaries to promote integration, inform the police of potential threats and ensure community cohesion. Many of these people have appeared on the media in the wake of the Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge attacks telling those who are willing to listen how these terrorists are not representative of Islam. Funding for these groups has been rising steadily over the last 12 years whilst the numbers of community police officers has been slashed by 20,000. For these 146 groups there is no means of assessing their effectiveness, indeed as the number of attacks rises, the only assessment can be that they are failing. They would, and do, argue they are the ‘ears on the ground’, the frontline of anti-terror politics. Well, I would suggest that they are useless, a money pit of pointlessness, a lucrative industry for educated Muslims who sit in ivory towers pontificating on how Islam does not condone violence. The government’s Prevent strategy eats up cash, cannot prove if they have stopped even one single attack and tells us, the law abiding majority, that it is somehow our fault when a terror attack is successful. Let’s put the money where it is needed; into community policing, cyber security and better surveillance. The election should be suspended for a week as the atrocities in London and Manchester only strengthen Theresa May’s hand, as she receives extra publicity and air time when these events occur. She can step out to the steps of Downing Street and look ‘Prime Ministerial’, giving sour-faced speeches on the need to remain vigilant. Yesterday she addressed the nation saying, ‘enough is enough’ – why wasn’t Manchester ‘enough’? Or Westminster enough? She knows the attacks work to her advantage, shamelessly exploiting these events to make political capital, lying when she says police budgets have been protected, lying when she says she has a plan, lying when she says she is ‘strong and stable’. The Tories have cut, cut and cut again and we are all reaping the dividends, especially those who will be buried over the next couple of weeks and those who will never be the same again as a result of their injuries. We are hearing from Theresa May about the need to tackle radical Islamist ideology. It is not an ideology, it is criminality, it is cowardice, it is shameless.


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