Trump Scuppers Climate Change Deal Saying All Humanity Is Already Eco-Friendly As We’re All Biodegradable

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Another explosive, extraordinary speech from US President ‘The Donald’ Trump last night as he not so much exited the US from the Paris climate change accord as shoved a bunker busting missile up it’s sanctimonious ‘ass’ (scuse the Americanism). I’m not traditionally a supporter of this madcap egomaniac but, on this, he and I are in harmony. The ‘global warming is caused by human activity’ brigade are amongst the most powerful voices on the planet – no doubt causing further climate change as they spout hot air and fart continuously as they munch their mung beans steeped in nettle juice. The hair shirt, ganga smoking, dreadlocked, insufferable termites will tell you, at length, that 97% of climate change experts believe that global warming is not part of the Earth’s natural cycle of temperature adjustment, it is, 100%, the fault of humankind. Less than 3 in 100 believed Leicester would win the Premier League, that Trump would be President, that Thalidomide would cause foetal abnormalities for thousands, that the Earth was round, that we would fly to the Moon, that you could grow a baby in a test tube or even that the ozone layer could not possibly regenerate. Simply, the reason these 97% say the things that they do is that it is lucrative and it is a job for life, no questions asked. At the heart of the argument the question should always be; ‘in whose interests are these researches conducted?’ For example it is beyond comprehension there is no cure for cancer, no realistic alternative to petrol to run our cars or no way scientists cannot create opportunities for food to be harvested in inhospitable climates. Three years ago there was an Ebola outbreak in Africa. Many died. When one American contracted the disease there was a cure available within days. Scientists do what is in their best interests or what they are told to do by governments or pharmaceutical companies, otherwise they will lose their grants. Cancer is the biggest killer of human beings in the Western world, up to 80% of us will meet our maker that way. The average age of people with these cancers is 73. Governments know that their economies would collapse if the average age of death rose by even as much as 5 years, easily achievable with a cure. Governments want us to die as soon after retirement as possible (unless you’ve got a few quid in the bank, then they want you alive to spend it) in order to save on pension payments. Scientists are complicit in the conspiracy, bound by their paymasters instead of being let loose to invent, cure and explore. So, back to Trump; even if he had spent £100 billion per year (and that was the bill) on the Paris agreement then the Earth would have cooled by less than 0.2% of a degree by 2050 (agreed even by the people who did sign the accord). Here comes a sentence I never thought I’d write. Trump is right.


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