Corbyn – Visionary, Just A Nice Bloke Or Left-wing Lunatic Who Will Bring British Society To It’s Knees? (Tomorrow, Theresa May – Flesh-eating Reptile Alien Or Utter *&£# ?)

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Generally, if you were asking yourself questions about life, the universe and everything your first stop would probably not be the BBCs ‘The One Show’, unless the questions you were asking were ‘why are M & Ms round?’ or ‘what does a Mongolian dung beetle do when startled?’. Yesterday, the BBC’s most inquisitive reporters Alex (I’m from Wales you know) Jones and Eton educated, son of a diplomat, winner of Strictly Ore Aduba were charged with getting under the skin of potential Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn. At 7-01pm (or 19.01 if you’re a pillock) the first broadside was fired, ‘Jeremy, do you have girls jobs and boy jobs in your house?’ Boom, take that you beardy Socialist. Mr Corbyn took stock for a second or two, looking for all the world like he was thinking ‘have I just taken time out from campaigning on serious issues to be met with this shit?’, and he shook his head very slowly as if saying the word ‘no’ was too much effort to exert on this banal question. The grilling continued, ‘Tell us about your allotment’, ‘What were you like as a child?’, ‘Have you always had a beard?’ – ‘Not as a child, no’ and ‘Why wouldn’t you press the nuclear button you pacifist peacemonger?’ Actually they didn’t ask the last one. Corbyn took it all for 30 minutes, showing himself to be self-deprecating, honest, thoughtful….a thoroughly decent man. Twitter bounced into action with thousands of ordinary people saying how nice he was and how refreshing to have a politician unconcerned about his own ego and never denigrating the opposition. The press would, of course, pick up on this and reflect the views of voters across the country? Did they   &*?~. Not a word from print media or tv. They were still exorcised by the nuclear question. Why wouldn’t this improbable leader say he would kill millions if Britain was threatened by a nuclear power? It is a very odd question to put to somebody and not one that is asked of Theresa May. We know what her ‘strong and stable’ answer would be, ‘Yes, I would be prepared to kill millions if the circumstances dictated it’. It is the answer of a psychopath yet that is deemed, by the press, as the ‘right answer’. I know who I’d prefer in charge. Corbyn was also vilified for not knowing how much free child care for 2 – 4 year olds would cost, yet May gets away with a manifesto that is not costed at all – ‘we’ll discuss that after the election’ is her mantra. Not good enough. Patronising to the voter. And yet, and yet again, she gets away with it. Corbyn may not win the election but one thing is sure, after the vote Britain will be divided between those who believe in social justice and those who are fooled by lazy propaganda.


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