Islam – Religion Of Peace?

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There will be those who say you cannot make fun or criticise Islam. Indeed it is completely true that the vast majority of Muslims are not warped, violent, twisted, humourless terrorists or paedophiles. But Islamic culture is very different than e.g. Christian or British culture. Are they compatible? Islam is not an equal culture. Women are regarded as inferior to men; forced to wear the Burqa, the Niqab and the Hijab, in Saudi Arabia they are not allowed to drive, are executed for committing adultery while the men are not, divorcees are not entitled to a share of their former partners estate, divorce itself, in a Sharia court, is granted if the man says ‘I divorce thee’ three times, FGM, whilst not common, is practised even in Britain (and not one single prosecution has ever been successful), women are forced to pray separately, in their homes men gather in one room, women in another. The list goes on. Liberals, Imams, the media, politicians will say over and over again that Islam is a religion of peace while knowing that e.g. in 2014 over 48,000 people were killed as a result of terrorist attacks. Over 90% of these deaths were in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia. All Muslim countries. Most of these attacks were Muslims on Muslims. Europe has provided the backdrop to the most reported terrorist crimes but in reality they are a tiny percentage of the overall total. The reason we are all more appalled by these acts is that they are on OUR streets, the streets of a still predominantly Christian country. Islamic intolerance is not welcome in a country which welcomes them. Their culture does not fit with ours no matter how much the liberals say we are a multicultural society. We are not. We are a country of multiple cultures, which is a different thing. Most people know that in our communities of multiple cultures, those cultures live in their own areas, frequent their own shops, worship in their own temples, are educated in their own faith schools, support their own teams, wear their own tribal dress, speak in their own tongues and live by their own rules. That is not integration. In fact it is the opposite. How can a community be harmonious if each group is so unwilling to live by the same rules? Islam hates the gay community, regards young girls as fair game to be exploited, hates British values and is intolerant of other religions. Religion of peace? The evidence would suggest otherwise.


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