Trump Commissions New Mount Rushmore Sculpture

rushmore1.png   rushmore2

George Washington. Thomas Jefferson. Theodore Roosevelt. Abraham Lincoln. Fresh from selling $110 billion of arms to the most dangerous, unenlightened regime in the Middle East President Donald Trump is to have his face sculpted onto the iconic Mount Rushmore. The Donald made a speech to the Kings and Emirs of the Arab world stating that the problem in the area is one of Iran’s making, whilst conveniently forgetting that the Saudis support and fund Wahhabism across the region and bombing the bejesus out of the Yemen. He also ‘forgot’ that most of the 9/11 bombers were from Saudi. All that aside Trump has had to decide between replacing the Statue of Liberty with a Statue of Trumpism and being immortalised on Mount Rushmore. Incidentally, why are there no Democrats on Mount Rushmore? It is interesting that Trump’s first overseas visit was to Saudi Arabia – could the reason be that the US owes them trillions of dollars? Now the President moves on to Israel where he will sign another multi-billion dollar arms contract. and tell the Israelis he stands shoulder-to-shoulder with them against terrorism. Muddled? If his policies were any less coherent he’d be a lobotomised dementia sufferer with a stutter and a speech impediment. At least we now know how Trump is to reignite the US economy – sell shedloads of arms to EVERYONE. What could possibly go wrong?


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