Megalomaniac May’s Manifesto – Muddled, Manipulative And Malicious

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The final piece of the election puzzle has been published and boy is it a beauty. End free lunches for poor schoolchildren, force old people who have paid into the system for all their lives to pay for social care by bequeathing their houses to the state – effectively a tax on dementia, reduce immigration to the tens of thousands (where have we heard that before? Oh yes, in the 2010 and 2015 elections. Result? More immigration), continue depriving the disabled of yet more benefits and taking away their right to a mobility car, they may, or may not, increase income tax or National Insurance (Cameron promised he would not raise VAT, then raised it 6 months later), increase spending on the NHS by £8 billion but that is already factored in till 2020 so they are raising the amount in actual terms by ZERO, scrapping fuel payments to certain pensioners by means testing the benefit (on the basis that if benefits are means tested up to 25% of eligible pensioners will not claim), allowing a free vote on the return of rich people being able to hunt down and tear terrified foxes into pieces. No help for students paying massive tuition fees, no mention of the homeless, no plan to make tax-avoiding supercompanies pay their fair share, no ideas to reduce crime, no commitment to back local councils that have voted against fracking or indeed any ideas on reducing pollution or caring for the environment. If those of a certain age who saw the witch Thatcher create a ‘greed is good’ society, we have seen nothing yet. This bitch in whores shoes will finish the Thatcher experiment by planting rich against poor, elite against the many, corporations v small businesses. When, and unfortunately it is when, she is returned with a huge majority she will say the British people have endorsed her policies rather than the real reason; Corbyn and his ineffectual team of acolytes. With a stronger leader and the same policies there would be a chance, they could, perhaps, even achieve the fairer society they aspire to create. And I, for one, would vote for them. But I can’t. May or Corbyn? Neither, thank you. How depressing.


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