Royal College Of Nursing Advocates Allowing Nurses With Dementia To Carry On Working

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In an attempt to set an example to other organisations the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) believes the nurses who have been diagnosed with dementia should be allowed to carry on working until it is no longer a viable option. Like when they’re killed multiple patients presumably. The nurses union say that discrimination against dementia sufferers is endemic in the NHS and that their skills remain undiminished by the disease. As the main symptoms of dementia are memory loss, difficulty performing familiar tasks, problems with language, disorientation to time and place, misplacing things and changes in mood and behaviour, it seems a perfectly sensible idea to put them in charge of patients lives. What could possibly go wrong? The cynical amongst us may suggest that in an increasingly litigious NHS it may be cheaper to blame a dementia nurse (that’s a nurse with dementia not a nurse who treats dementia) for administering the wrong drugs than one who is, say, a psychopath. This is one of those ideas that really is as barmy as it sounds. Why not allow nurses with Ebola to treat patients suffering with MRSA (because if they die from Ebola the hospital isn’t liable) or surgeons with a double arm amputation to carry on operating with their feet, or maybe doctors with little or no grasp of English to diagnose…..oh, that’s already happening, perhaps consultants with Parkinson’s to undertake micro surgery? Joanna James of the RCN’s Older People’s Forum says, ‘We should be embracing nurses with dementia and making it possible for them to continue delivering excellent patient care in spite of their disability.’ You really couldn’t make it up. It’s a bit like the Labour party manifesto; sounds slightly dotty and the consequences could be ruinous and devastating to many lives.

Ian Brady – A Very Particular Place In Hell



The most reviled man in British history. Killer. Torturer. Psychopath. Sociopath. But, enough about the Blair creature. Ian Brady murdered and tortured 5 children to death in the 1960s. Alongside his equally vile sidekick Myra Hindley he became the face of pure evil and last night evil shuffled off this mortal coil to hopefully suffer for all eternity. Unfortunately Hindley and Brady have provided a lucrative industry for authors and columnists alike, and none of the proceeds from their voyeuristic tomes went to the families of the bereaved, which is shameful. It is estimated that Blair presided over the killings of not 5, not 50, not even 500 children, the figure is nearer 250,000. Just saying.


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