Tory Plans To Expand Worker’s Rights – Taking Us For Fools?

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Today’s big Tory idea? A workers statutory right to up to 12 months (unpaid) leave to look after a sick relative. Sounds like a Socialist policy to attract Labour voters until you take a moment to think about it…..this is social care on the cheap. Rather than putting money into the social care system this will allow the government to get off the hook. Large corporations will have no problem dealing with the loss of an employee for up to a year, small businesses less so. The policy screams, ‘the state cannot afford to look after your loved ones, so you’ll have to, no matter what the consequences.’ Conservatives will also create a new role for a ‘People’s Minister’ for working class hero Atticus Montague-Hague, a man who has only been skiing TWICE in his life and buys his suits off-the-peg..from Harrods. The manifesto will keep all workers rights currently guaranteed by EU law and put workers on company board where they will be placed in stocks for posh board members to throw overripe avocados and quinoa at them. There are further proposals to allow time off for parents who have suffered the loss of a child. That’s nice of them isn’t it? Who knew that wasn’t already a statutory right?  Work and Pensions minister Damian Green said each of the three options would ‘get the voices of workers in the boardroom’, or, more pertinently ‘the screams of workers in the boardroom’. In the wake of the cyber attack questions are being asked about why some hospitals are running their systems on the antiquated Windows XP system and why the average spend on cyber security is only £22,000. We all know the answer, the NHS HAS NO MONEY, except to pay  off the billions to private contractors as a result of Blair’s pet PFI projects and to the thousands of NHS ‘consultants’ (and that isn’t medical consultants) and obscenely paid managers and administrators who can’t even patch an update onto their IT systems. One would think that the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt would be all over the airwaves reassuring us all that plans are in place to ensure this attack cannot be repeated. So, where’s Wally?…….no one knows….not a peep…..not one single word….what a absolute Hunt. Meanwhile in La La Labour Land Jeremy Corbyn has promised £37 billion for the NHS…….to pay for ransomware demands……which, now adds up to £340 billion in election promises. They will raise this by chasing Philip Green to the ends of the Earth and tipping rich people upside down till their loose change falls out of their pockets. And, for balance, the Liberal Democrats have said……oh, who cares?


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