The Shape Of Things To Come – Anarchy In Cyberspace

computer1     computer2   computer3  computer4

A8888888888worldwide88888888cyber888888888888attack8888888has8888affected 01010101computers010101in888870 countries888including01010many8888 hospital trusts010101in888the888uk. As I write I am relieved it doesn’t seem to have ghngfbjnfknskbffn affected me. Although a massively disruptive ransomware (give us some money and we’ll give you back control of your systems) attack, the consequences are more benign than they might have been. However, it could be a precursor to more damaging viruses, which may, for example, disrupt the scoring system for Eurovision tonight. Many people have been turned away from A & E with no reports of deaths as a result – which may make you wonder if these people should have been at the hospital in the first place. Doctors are having to resort to writing on paper…so no one can understand what their conclusions are. The computer code used in the intrusion is rumoured to have been stolen from the NSA in the US after they suffered a violation of their systems a few months ago. So far there is little panic amongst mobile phone users but if Twitter, Instagram or Facebook become compromised there will be a huge rise in admissions to mental health units in the UK as people are unable to post selfies. NHS Trusts across the country have been relying on their internal cyber experts who have been advising staff ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’ The average amount spent by British hospitals on cyber security is £22,000 per year, the equivalent of one light deprived bloke, or woman, sitting in a small room playing Candy Crush for 8 hours a day. One chink of light…..comes from a mobile phone.

‘Climb Every Mountain, Search High And Low, Follow Every Byway, Every Path You Know’ – Watson And The Sound Of Labour

watson1    watson2

The man who accused a number of VIPs of being part of an elite paedophile group – without evidence – nonce-finder general Labour Deputy Leader and Corbyn enemy Tom Watson has evoked the memory of the Von Trapp family fight against the Nazi’s by entreating Labour candidates to ‘climb every mountain’ in their desire not to be decimated on Jun 8th. Watson is as slippery as an eel swimming in a pool of Vaseline and sneakier than a snake wearing a burqa. He is worried about Theresa May commanding a ‘Thatcher-like majority’ at the general election whilst not endorsing Jeremy Corbyn as a potential Prime Minister. With friends like him Corbyn does not need enemies.


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