By refusing to engage with anyone but their own supporters and ‘hands tied’ media, are our political leaders sucking the life out of the general election?

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If anyone watched The One Show with Theresa and Philip May last night, have you stopped retching yet? The Prime Minister and her ‘ordinary’ husband (although he does work for a company which tells Amazon and Starbucks how to avoid tax) were grilled by presenters Matt Baker and Alex Jones, who decided against probing Conservative policies in favour of questions on shoes, who puts the bins out, how many cookery books the PM has, her upbringing in a vicarage, when she first knew she wanted to be PM and how many puppies she has killed just for fun (I made that last one up). Jeremy Corbyn will have an opportunity to provide some balance by answering questions on how does he cares for his beard, his Socialist shoes, what is his favourite flavour of milkshake, does he watch the X-factor and how many kittens he’s drowned. The electorate is being short-changed as the leaders travel the country in their slogan laden battlebuses surrounded by their own supporters and refusing to engage with anyone with a different opinion. Corbyn has at least 6 burly minders charged with the responsibility of ensuring the media and ‘real’ voters get nowhere near him. Mrs May is appearing in marginal seats, giving a five minute speech before being whisked away by the strong and stable Secret Service. Makes anyone who believes in democracy weep. Tim Farron (he’s the patronising p***k who leads the Lib Dems) has provided the press with a photo opportunity of him in a mini hovercraft. Why? You may well ask. I don’t know. Labour today promised to create a National Education Service. Sounds fine. Cost? At least £27billion. How will they pay for it? Prayer and shafting the rich apparently – y’know, those people who create all the jobs. 4 weeks left, not sure I can stand the excitement. Perhaps I’ll just shoot myself in the face instead.


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