4m French Voters Go To The Polls To Spoil Their Ballots (1 in 9) – Is It Time To Put ‘None Of The Above’ On Our Ballot Papers?

none1   none2

Spain does it. Greece do it. Ukraine do it. These three countries all have an option for voters to register their disinterest in the parties competing to win their elections. In Australia they also have this option because voting is compulsory. In yesterday’s French election 4 million people could not bring themselves to put a cross next to Le Pen or Macron*. They did vote however, presumably because they believed voting is an inalienable right. These 1 in 9 feel they are not represented by either political party. In Britain, if we had the option, it is likely ‘none of the above’ would win the election easily and none of the current parties could countenance that. Perhaps if this happened we could call a second election with completely new candidates. True democracy entitles every voter to a choice, currently that is far from the case. May or Corbyn is not a choice, it is, in fact, anti-democratic. 40% will not cast a vote in the general election. Is that because they feel disenfranchised or are they are not interested in politics? The truth is we don’t know, but giving them a choice of none of the above would answer the question emphatically. I could even be persuaded that compulsory voting with the proviso of a NOTA option might scare the politicians so much that they would have to change their behaviour and engage with ordinary voters – how can Theresa May argue that not appearing in any televised debates is honouring the democratic process? We all know that the reason is something could go wrong on live television and, as she is 20 points ahead in the polls, why take the chance? That kind of thinking is why so many of us are disenchanted with ‘democracy’. Even ‘man of the people’ (if you’re from Islington) Jeremy Corbyn has run scared of facing the electorate on TV, even though he has no opposition in the Tory chair.

*Emmanuel Macron, a self styled anti-establishment candidate has won the French election. Anti-establishment? Was economy minister, worked for Rothschild’s and is good friends with the ‘Dark Lord’ Peter Mandelson (Blair’s spin doctor) and George Osborne. He has also attended meetings of the Bilderberg group (a secretive body who, the conspiracy theorists argue, set the economic tone for the world’s largest countries i.e. are the  true world leaders.

Labour Will Ban Junk Food Adverts Until After 9-00pm

junk1      junk2

Rather than talking about poverty, health and social inequality the Labour party is concentrating on stopping kids watching adverts for junk food. Socialism in the 21st century! It is hard to understand why all parties seek to curb obesity, smoking and drinking but do not promise to do what seems obvious to many of us. Ban cigarettes or make them £50 per packet (trouble is taxes on cigarettes raise billions and kill off the smoker earlier – double result for governments), make a Big Mac £20 (but MacDonald’s etc employ thousands and again result in those addicted to them dying early) and add £20 to a bottle of wine (early death, huge revenue). Maybe ban all adverts as they are essentially exercises in brainwashing the easily led – a bit like ‘strong and stable’ government. That should definitely be banned before I throw a brick at my TV.


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