Local Elections 2017

Conservatives say, ‘We’ve done very well’

Labour say, ‘We’ve done very well….considering the loss of hundreds of councillors’

Liberal Democrats say, ‘We’ve done very well…considering the loss of a third of our councillors’

UKIP say, ‘We’ve lost all our seats but it could’ve been worse’

SNP say, ‘Scotland…blah…blah..blah..Independence…’ Oh STFU

Greens say, ‘We’ve done very well…considering we’re the Green party’

localelections1.png  localelections2  localelections3  localelections4

They think it’s all over. It is now. June 8th. Tory landslide.

So, 70% of us just could not be bothered. Hard earned democratic rights to vote…or indeed not to vote…have come to this. Local elections, mayoral elections. We just don’t care. Like most election aftermaths politicians line up to argue (often flying in the face of the actual results) their party did well, did better than expected or performed as expected (unless that happened to be suffering huge losses). The reality is that not a single party can be upbeat about their performance on the basis that only 3 in 10 voters thought local politics is worth going to the polling station for. We could call it the democratic deficit….or the 30DDs. What have we learned from these elections?…..erm…..okay, I’ve got one – that British people are all election-ed out, that taking 30 seconds out of our busy days to put a cross in a box is just too onerous and we care less than Assad cares for his own people.

Odd results – Rubbish party candidate elected in East Ayrshire. Sally Cogley won the seat on a platform of clamping down on litter, dog fouling, fly-tipping and pollution. She should’ve added ‘cleaning up politics’ or, with a nod a Trump, ‘draining the swamp’.


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