Making Hay – Gray Men With Grey Hair Say Theresa Grey Should Pay £100billion

eu4    eu5.png    eu6.jpg

So, the Hunger Games have begun. EU Brexit negotiators Michel Barnier (grey), Donald Tusk (grey), Jean-Claude Juncker (grey) have been trawling the airwaves to demand up to £100billion pounds from the UK to leave the European Union. UK Minister for Leaving the EU David Davies (grey) laughed off suggestions of a massive payout to the dysfunctional Union saying Britain will pay what is due, not a penny (or Euro) more. Davies and May (grey) seem to have missed a trick as they could easily argue that as the EU has not had their accounts audited for the last 15 years there is no formula which could be agreed between the two parties, therefore we will owe nothing. Nada. Zip. In any event whatever figure is arrived at if we refuse to pay what can the EU do? Throw us out? Or is the punishment we have to stay in? Also we have paid billions into many European projects over the years e.g. building the European Parliament, so we should land Barnier with a bill of 1/28 of the worth of the programmes we have been involved in. Let’s say that figure would be……..oh, I don’t know…….perhaps £100billion.

Parallel Universe – Where’s The Vision?

  universe1  universe2  universe3

General election 2017. 3 main parties (Conservative, Labour….ok Liberal Democrats), 2 ‘protest’ parties (Green, UKIP) and a few small interest parties (English Democrats, Monster Raving Loony Party). All parties agree with a capitalist economy, that the NHS should be ‘free at the point of service’, most believe in Britain’s nuclear deterrent, that immigration is always a ‘good’ thing, that banks not people are the primary drivers of the economy, that the monarchy is not an anachronism in the modern world, that climate change is man-made not a natural Earth cycle and that there are no longer any empires in the world (China is an empire, Russia is an empire, the EU is an empire, America is an empire) are we are, therefore, living in a truly globalised, interactive, co-operative world. This leaves us, the voters, with parties which are not too different from each other –  that’s why this (and every recent) election is about personalities, not policies. Corbyn, May and Farron – those are the only alternatives. There is no vision, no choice, no policy. They are all tinkering round the edges of globalisation and capitalism. The universe is infinite so there are billion and billions of ways to govern. Why do we have only one on offer?


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