Labour’s Policing Policy Blunder – Are They A ‘Coalition Of Chaos’ Or Just Wildly Incompetent?

abbott1   abbott2  abbott3

Gaffe prone racist Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has outlined Labour’s plan to put an extra 10,000 police on the streets (probably all in London though). With a typical inability to argue a coherent policy she initially said this would cost £300,000 over four years……before changing the figure to £80million. Hours later Jeremy Corbyn informed the media the taxpayer will have to fork out £300million. Why not just guess a number? Oh, they did. Three times. Ms Abbott suggested that the plan would put one extra officer on the beat in every ward in the country…..which should cut crime considerably. Labour seems determined to score as many own goals as possible before the general election by sending out Abbott, McDonnell and Corbyn to argue the case for the dysfunctional left-wing party and giving credence to the Tory mantra that they are a ‘chaotic and disorganised’ political force. We may as well crown Queen Theresa now. Labour’s problem is that most ordinary voters would not be able to name any of Corbyn’s front bench beyond the ‘Big’ Three (no, I’m not being size-ist). Added to that is being able to quote one coherent policy on e.g. Education, Economy, Defence, NHS, Security, Housing, Brexit or Britain’s Got Talent. If they had a lightbulb moment it would probably be set to dim.

May v Juncker Round 1

juncker1.jpg   theresamay4

May comes out dancing, jab, jab, jab. Juncker feints, ducking and weaving like a North Korean missile. A right-wing uppercut from May, hitting the air. Juncker throws a combination, ‘Brexit cannot be a success, we are far apart from a deal’. Boom. May hits the canvas, rising slowly with ‘We approach these talks with all parties in a constructive manner and with huge amounts of goodwill’. Ding, ding. End of Round 1. Juncker wins. May looks less than ‘strong and stable’ on her feet. Meanwhile referee Tim Farron has tripped up over his own shoelaces, stumbled out of the ring and smashed his face into the front row shouting, ‘Gay sex? I love gay sex. Even Jesus loved gay sex. Gay sex for all, before God looks down from the TV gantry saying, ‘Tim, you won’t burn in hell for saying this but I have listened to your policies and I’m guaranteeing nothing.’ 



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