War Criminal Tony B(Liar) Hints At Political Comeback Twenty Years After Taking Labour To Power

blair11  blair12  blair13

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Having made multiple millions cashing in on his time as Prime Minister Satan’s representative on Earth has hinted he is considering taking up another role in British politics. Hundreds of thousands of murdered Iraqis will be spinning in their graves. Blair has told Sky that he ‘wants to be part of the debate’. I’m left wondering what is the question if Blair is the answer. Mega-rich ‘Socialist’ and former Middle-East peace envoy (Job done there) Tony is dismayed at the Labour Party’s lurch to the left (isn’t that what Labour is supposed to be?) and feels that he (and only He) is what the country needs right now. Of course Blair’s interminable time in office did produce some policies of note; minimum wage (which effectively led to 1,000,000 workers being forced onto zero hours contracts), sowed the seeds of the financial crisis, led inevitably towards the rise of Corbyn and an unelectable Labour party, bombed Iraq and Afghanistan back into the stone age, initiated PFI contracts leading to schools and hospital paying billions to private companies and helped himself to a property portfolio worth a King’s ransom. Thanks Tony, you’re a diamond. Even so Blair still believes He is the Messiah – if only He would come to the same demise.  There are still some Blairites left in the Labour party, most of whom will be crucified on June 8th. Good.


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