Anti-Brexit Parties Urge Tactical Voting

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What is tactical voting? e.g. if you are a Conservative voter in a staunchly Labour constituency where the Liberal Democrats are the main opposition, voting tactically will involve putting your cross in the Lib Dem box because they have the best chance of ousting the Labour candidate. It is though in mainly Conservative strongholds that voters are being entreated to lend their vote to the second placed party to halt the Tory landslide. In the real world (where most MPs do not reside), if the ruse worked, a Lib Dem voting for Labour or vice-versa would get a government they don’t believe in. Why would anyone do that? Voting for people who do not represent your views is about as sensible as trekking through the Himalayas in flip-flops or asking Tim Farron to explain why he said, ‘Smell my spaniel’ at a Lib Dem hustings yesterday.

New Student Union Leader – Not A Student, Never Been To University, Jazz Hands Accolade

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A word of caution – the following story sounds like a UKIP manifesto i.e. makes you want to put your fingers in your ears saying, ‘Lalalalalalalala’. Shakira Martin, 28, has been voted the NUS leader even though she has never attended University or been a student. Okay so far? A bit like voting for a Trump Presidency. Ms (can I say Ms these days?) Martin ousted the controversial incumbent Malia Bouattia – a woman who likes to address students as ‘brothers, sisters and non-binary siblings’. Martin’s victory was greeted with a show of ‘jazz hands’ rather than applause in case this alienated deaf people and those who may be upset at loud noises. Is there a doctor in the house, I feel faint? How about those who may be aggrieved at people waving their hands? Or black, non-binary, deaf, one-legged lesbians? Do they not have a right to be treated equitably? Once upon a time university students were galvanised to protest about any number of things; nuclear weapons, Tories, women’s rights, racism, economic inequality or war. More recently one would think they would be spending all their energies on fighting tuition fees, but no, it’s all about the injustice of clapping, and finding new ways of describing men and women without using the terms ‘man’ or ‘woman’. These young people will one day inherit the Earth. God save us.


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