State Sponsored Killing – Part 1

The parents of 8 month old Charlie Gard were told yesterday by a court that they must let their son die. One of only 16 people in the world to suffer from a rare form of mitochondrial disease, Charlie’s parents begged the court to give their son one last chance of a cure by trying an experimental treatment available in the US. Does the state have the right to refuse a parent an opportunity to save their son? Apparently so. In it’s simplest form a judge (the state) has ordered the killing of an infant against the express wishes of those who brought him into the world. Chris Gard and Connie Yates have fought tenaciously for Charlie, only to be overruled by someone with no connection to their baby. I hope their final appeal is successful but I suspect the state will win again – the rest of us should be aware what this means; our children (and ourselves) are at the mercy of the courts, that they can kill if they believe it is the right thing (whether or not we object) and that parental rights are secondary to those of the state.

State Sponsored Killing – Part 2

It’s no secret that I’m no fan of ‘researchers’ for they are the font of many follies. However this time I did the research myself, which obviously leaves me somewhat conflicted. Anthony Grainger was shot dead by police in 2012. A public enquiry is ongoing. Officers not involved in the killing gave evidence today to the effect that Mr Grainger ‘surrendered’ and that there was no reason for him to be shot. It is already admitted that Grainger did not have a gun and posed no threat to the armed police. He was effectively executed. Even so it is incredibly unlikely anyone involved will face the courts to justify their actions, as proved by cases going back 17 years. This incident made me wonder about the other (admittedly low numbers) people shot dead by police. Looking back over nearly 2 decades of data the average number of fatal shootings is around 5 per year….strangely there are no figures for the number of people injured by armed police, which would lead one to believe there are none. The implication is that when armed police fire, they kill. Do Britain’s armed police now have a secret ‘shoot-to-kill’ policy?

State Sponsored Killing – Part 3

Remember Khalid Masood? Terrorist Westminster bloke. Since the announcement of 12 arrests in connection with the attack, and their subsequent release, we have heard precisely nothing more about the killer. No connection with ISIS or other radical group, no social media pointing to his radicalisation, no connection with any known radical person/s, in fact nothing at all to connect him with terrorism. Whatever his sick motives it doesn’t seem as though it was his interpretation of Godliness was to blame.



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