Welcome To WWIII

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Following Bashar Al Assad’s bombing of civilians using chemical weapons Donald Trump has responded with 59 Cruise missiles fired at the Shayrat airbase thought responsible for the attack. It appears the Syrian army were forewarned as they removed ‘high ticket’ items from the area in good time (as the US would have had to warn Russia of it’s intentions, it is very likely they tipped off Assad). The UK have condoned the attack. There are problems with taking this action, not least the coalition use of depleted Uranium missiles in areas where there are civilians. The radiation from these bombs ends up contaminating water supplies, killing vegetation and crops, causes cancers and respiratory problems……..a bit like chemical weapons do. However, ‘we’ are obviously in the right because ‘we’ are responding to war crimes. Assad kills innocent civilians because he’s a complete and utter b*stard, unlike the US-led coalition which kills innocent civilians because ‘we’re’ in the right and collateral damage is ‘unfortunate’. We can be sure those civilians killed by the coalition will feel much better about things in the knowledge they were snuffed out by the ‘right’ side.


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