Suicidal? Ring NHS 111…..And They’ll Put You On Hold

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Press 1 if you’re in the process of taking an overdose, press 2 if you have tied a ligature round your neck, press 3 if you’re about to jump from a high rise and press 4 if you have a sharp knife poised over your wrist…..brrr brrr, brrr, brrr, “Hello, you have reached NHS 111, your call is very valuable to us, you are in queue number 743, here’s some funereal music while you wait.” The government and the NHS is investigating claims that callers with suicidal tendencies are being put on hold ‘until they hang up’, while call centre staff are asleep at their desks. This flies in the face of Theresa May’s assertion that mental health will be a priority for her government. The Sun newspaper placed an undercover reporter with a 111 call centre and describes call handlers asleep at their desks and describing themselves as ‘busy’ on the internal computer system to avoid patients. The medical director of the company said patient safety ‘is, and always will be, our highest priority.’ Well, he would say that wouldn’t he? This does give one the impression that the way the NHS is dealing with mental health issues is to kill off patients and then claim credit as the numbers of people with such issues goes down. This could work with many categories of patient; lengthen the time for patients to receive much needed surgery…they may die waiting (actually the NHS IS trying this one already), don’t treat older people, they’ll die quicker, feed people inedible muck while in hospital so they die of starvation (already in place), ensure life giving medication is barred by NICE (yep, that’s happening) or make the wait in A & E so long people give up and go home, where they die (again, this policy is in place).

Five Charged Over Asylum Seeker Attack

asylum1   asylum2

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott blames Brexit….there’s nothing like making political capital out of a hate crime. A 17 year old asylum seeker is attacked by up to 30 people, 5 of whom have been charged, all of whom are aged between 17 and 24. Just how cowardly do you have to be to be part of a sustained assault against a unarmed boy? And were the watching crowd just as culpable as they did nothing to prevent the attack continuing? Yep. This had nothing to do with Brexit, it had everything to do with ignorance, prejudice, mob mentality and jellyfish cowardice. Hopefully the perpetrators will go to jail – there they may learn that being a soft ball in a pit of hard balls will be painful.


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