Over 50% Of UK Rail Journeys Will Be Made On Foreign-Owned Franchises

railway1rail46 rail47  rail48

The NHS flounders due to chronic underfunding, the Brexit divorce bill could be £50billion, social care services are in danger of collapse, the housing crisis is driving a huge rise in homelessness and multi-occupancies, wages are rising at one third the rate of inflation, schools are having raise money for books, computers, even loo rolls, the Nightly Show is still on, energy prices are rising at an exponential rate and now it emerges that our railways are mostly in the hands of foreign companies bent on taking profits for themselves and not, as they are contracted to, using them to improve rail services for passengers. Happy days – it’s like 70s all over again. In the next few months Hong Kong company MTR will take part control of South West trains and Italian operator Trenitalia will run trains from London to Essex. This equates to foreign owned train franchises running 863 million train journeys in the UK, over 50% of the total number. The breakdown is; German companies 391million, Netherlands 197million, France 143million, Hong Kong 86million and Italy 46million. How come we can’t run our own railways? ….more to follow


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