Landlord Defends ‘No Coloured People’ Ban

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Buy-To-Let tycoon Fergus Wilson has caused a storm of criticism after saying he would no longer rent out any of his homes to ‘coloured people’ because they leave his homes smelling of curry. This, he argues, costs him huge amounts of money to get the homes back into a saleable state. Mr Wilson has said he is not in any way racist and would continue with the ban. The Equality and Human Rights Commission is looking into the matter. The businessman will consider ‘negroes’ as their diet is different. Furthermore he states that the ban is equivalent to his ‘no pets, no smokers’ policy. The ban was exposed when he contacted his letting agents writing, ‘No coloured people because of the smell of curry at the end of their tenancy.’ Bizarrely Mr Wilson also bars plumbers, presumably because they might interfere with his pipes. Anti-racism group Hope Not Hate accuse the tycoon of being the ‘unacceptable face of the housing crisis’. Which is a bit faceist. I think the main problem here is Mr Wilson’s use of the terms ‘coloured people’ and ‘negroes’. The 1970s have called and they want their racism back. Maybe the solution would be to re-let the properties to ‘curry people’ or ‘smoked haddock people,’ because smoked fish will cover the smell of a rotting cadaver. Generally though I guess that a landlord can rent to whomever he wants, just don’t include the racist bits. About 20 years ago in Melbourne Australia a man was castigated after advertising a property to let in a newspaper stating, ‘No Asians’. The press quickly picked up on the story, camping outside the man’s house waiting for him to come out and explain himself. Eventually this bemused man was accosted by a TV crew and he told them that he had sent the newspaper an advert which read, ‘No agents’. It turned out the newspaper had misprinted his words. Sometimes in our politically correct, snowflake world people are very swift to assume offence where there is none.

Liberals, ‘Celebrities’, Has-been Politicians And Other Deluded Losers Queue Up To Denounce Triggering Article 50

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Lily Allen, a celebrity a decade ago, has continued her diatribe against leaving the EU (not forgetting her support of criminal migrants in the Calais Jungle) by suggesting Brexit can now be blamed for; every job lost, every devaluation of the pound (somehow forgetting this is good for a wide range of British exporters), every bankruptcy, every factory closure, every NHS waiting list every young person stuck in a dead end job. To be honest she sounds as though she’s working for the BBC, which seems to blame everything from flooding to Ebola on the decision to leave the EU. Also on the misery bandwagon are usual suspects the Liberal Democrats, has-been Michael Heseltine and recently sacked Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, all of whom should be deported to Romania to see how they get on in that basket case of an EU country. Allen seems to have taken her single ‘Not Fair’ very literally. ‘It’s not fair that we lost, boo hoo, whinge whinge, I’m okay cos I’m loaded,’ which she effectively said to her Twitter followers. Gotta love these rich, privileged, leftist celebrities.


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