Marine Who Killed In Cold Blood To Be Released In Weeks

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So, last week we showed what a civilised, compassionate country we are as a result of paramedics trying their best to save the life of badly injured terrorist Khalid Masood. In 2011 Royal Marine Alexander Blackman shot and killed an injured Taliban fighter in Afghanistan. Initially charged with murder Mr Blackman had his sentence commuted to manslaughter earlier this month because of a successful plea of ‘diminished responsibility’. His sentence was reduced in court yesterday to 7 years. He will serve half of that. Mr Blackman’s wife said, “he always regretted his actions. If he could turn the clock back and undo that moment, he would do in a heartbeat.” After the verdict, outside the court, some of Mr Blackman’s colleagues and supporters in the Marines shouted and hollered, indulging in a rousing round of ‘Hip, Hip Hooray’ and passing a hip flask of celebratory drink between themselves. Is that unsavoury when a man, no matter that he was the enemy, has been killed undefended with malice aforethought? I think so. Supporters claim that the Marine’s actions were informed by a serious lack of judgement as a consequence of combat stress disorder. Mr Blackman’s colleagues at the time were party to the killing, not one questioned the shooting. The law courts have been exercised by the argument that the act was committed in ‘stressful circumstances. It’s war for God’s sake, of course it’s stressful. On that basis any act of questionable behaviour committed in the theatre of war could be acceptable. Even the enemy could therefore argue beheadings, torture and killings are as a result of being bombed to pieces by the Western coalition. That is surely as stressful and, by the definition of our law courts, acceptable? If we wish to maintain a moral supremacy to those we are fighting, we must behave better than they do, even in the fog of war. One final point, why is every sentence handed down by the courts these days automatically halved? It makes no sense.

Talking Of Fingers On The Trigger, Theresa May To Invoke Article 50 Today

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On your marks, get set, Goooo. The letter triggering Article 50 is winging it’s way to Donald Tusk. The missive is short and to the point; “Dear European Union, we don’t love you anymore. It’s not us, it’s EU. You have robbed and abused us for far too long and we want a divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. We hope for an amicable conscious uncoupling but, if not, we will no longer buy your cars, wine, cheese, meat or widgets. Cheers. See you soon. XX”  Remainers like the odious, duplicitous Nick Clegg have been out in force to tell anyone who cares to listen that his opposition to Brexit is the only argument in town, that leave voters are sadly deluded and understand nothing about negotiations. Clegg appeared on Question Time last week saying, ‘I am the only one on this panel with experience of Trade negotiations’ and therefore knows best on this issue. No one mentioned that this arch negotiator once said ‘watch my lips, we will abolish tuition fees’. In order to get himself into the position of Deputy Prime Minister in David Cameron’s government his promise to get rid of tuition fees lasted less than a day. *^&@#£.


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