Liam from 1D (that’s his surname) And Cheryl Tweedy-Cole-Fernandez Versini-Cheryl Have Become The First Couple In The World To Have A Baby

cheryl   cheryl2

This week terrorism, Brexit, Trump healthcare have been in the news, none of which generated as much comment on social media than Liam – from 1D, (I have to say that contractually in case he gets mixed up with other Liams..?..I can think of two) and Cheryl (has misplaced her surname, and joins other famous people with only one name, like Jesus, Boudicca, Gandhi and Mohammed) have had a baby. Well blow me down and stamp on my head in hobnailed boots. Like many Twitteristas (copyright) I am so excited I haven’t even had a 2nd cup of coffee this morning. What about the name? Speculation is rife that it could be Simon, Louis or Sharon. I’d rather be putting money on the surname, ‘from 1D’ would be my guess. First name choices could include: Chianti, Quinoa, Cinnamon, Baby McBabyface, Mango or Dwayne. It’s worth putting a few quid on ‘Dwayne’ entering X-Factor in 2034 and being placed in a Cowell manufactured pop group – One Direction Next Gen – because he’s not good enough to make it on his own. He will be mentored by the ghost of Louis Walsh, who makes them sing the hits of Jedward all the way to the final.

Leggings – Obscene Fashion Or Comfortable Trouserwear?

leggings1  leggings2.png leggings3.png

A Twittershitstorm (copyright) erupted on Sunday as two girls were refused entry on a plane because they were wearing leggings. United Airlines believed the garments were ‘inappropriate’. Some think that the figure-hugging leisurewear is overly revealing, even obscene – which if the wearer is 30stone is a reasonable argument. But, girls on social media stood together to defend jogging/legging ‘pants’. I imagine if men wore them there would be an outcry so big the internet would explode into billions of bytes and pieces. There are, of course, many unwritten fashion rules; women over 30 should not wear leather trousers, women over 20st should not wear mini skirts, leggings, crop tops or push-up bras, men over 30 should never wear anything tight, unless gay, men over 20st should never wear vests, in fact no man should, or briefs. The blessing of youth should always be applied to clothes in general; young = wear what you want, old = never wear anything the youth wear, especially when going through the manopause.

By the way, in case you haven’t realised, it’s a really slow news day.


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