60th Anniversary Of European Union

eu1 eu2  eu3

60 years on from the signing of the Treaty of Rome the leaders of the 28 EU nations….what? Only 27 have shown up?..the leaders of 27  member nations have gathered in the Italian capital to celebrate the diamond anniversary of the most dysfunctional ‘conscious coupling’ in modern history. Parts of Central Rome are in lockdown, cars are banned from the city centre and some museums and tourist attractions have been closed down. This is indicative of what the EU has done for us – scared to death of radical killers freely migrating from basket case middle east countries. The elite are well protected, so that’s okay then. The missing link from the group is, of course, Britain, now regarded by the EU as the dodgy, alcoholic, embarrassing auntie who has not been invited to the wedding in case she mentions Brexit. Once Britain does leave the EU will probably reach 65 before being forced to retire on medical grounds suffering multiple ailments such as Greece, Spain, Portugal, France and the entire former eastern bloc countries. So, what has the 60 year old EU ever done for us? Millions of migrants draining the resources of member nations, billions wasted in vanity projects (some of which are ‘secrets’), billions spent paying farmers not to produce food even as Africa starves, a Human Rights Act and European Court of Justice which e.g. prevents the UK from deporting foreign rapists and killers because they have a cat or a girlfriend in the country and returning them to their home countries which would be a ‘violation of their human rights’, a European Parliament which has not been successfully audited for over 15 years, unelected members of the European Council and Commission costing…..well, we don’t know, a membership fee for the UK costing around £8billion per year while people with care needs languish and die in hospital beds uncared for and forgotten, an EU flag, an EU anthem and bureaucracy costing…..no, we still don’t know. Fortunately, no matter what they call it, this is less a celebration, more a eulogy for the folly of this project. Missing the meeting is our PM Theresa May, acting like the mother of the bride who does not approve of the groom. She should be roundly congratulated. We’re leaving the nuptials before the dementia riddled Granddad (Jean Claude Juncker) takes to the dance floor, breaking the bride’s foot and giving Nazi salutes whilst dribbling down his tuxedo. It is we who should be celebrating this weekend.

Prince George Off To £6k Per Term Primary School (paid for by taxpayers struggling to find money for child care)

 royalfamily1   royalfamily2.png

Prince George (3 going on 36) will spend his formative school years at a £6000 per term prep school Thomas’s in Battersea, just a short limousine drive from Kensington Palace. Of course one cannot expect the future King to go to school where poor people’s kids go or later to a bog standard comprehensive. Poor lad might get bullied. The Good School’s Guide describes it as a school chosen by parents ‘who want the best education money can buy’. isn’t that every parent? Taxpayers will cover the cost. This follows information released about Prince Charles who has an army of 124 staff (£6million per year) to cater to his every whim; a valet who irons his shoelaces for him, a breakfast which includes 6 different types of honey,. homemade organic baps which have to be exactly 8cm in diameter, an official harpist, trees blessed by the Dalai Lama, a valet to lay out a shirt daily for him and, if he doesn’t like it, he rings the valet to change it rather than going to the wardrobe himself, military trained orderlies to polish his shoes and a valet to run his baths. Truly a man of the people, if those people are King T*sser of Mauritania or Lord Billy Big B*llocks.


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