Radicalised Islamic Poltroon (RIP, not) Shot Dead In Westminster. Result.

isis6 isis5 isis3

We must make these cowards figures of fun and ridicule, not of fear and trepidation. They are inadequate, misguided, cross dressing buffoons who believe their actions will be rewarded in their bastardised version of heaven. We should send as many of them as possible to meet their maker. They do not speak for Islam, they do not represent Islam. However, it must be true that they are protected by some in their communities and it should be part of the plan to stop them that these communities and mosques are encouraged to inform the authorities of their perverted views and to face justice as a result. As ISIS is routed in Syria and Iraq there is a danger more of these clowns will try to enter Europe. To do so would mean there are sympathisers in Europe willing to accommodate them, provide them with money and put them in touch with like minded imbeciles. Those who do help and facilitate the beardy goat-shaggers should also be jailed for considerable lengths of time as a deterrent. Paramedics attended to the killer at the scene and they should be commended for that (a sign of a civilised society that these people hate) – it’s just a shame he didn’t live to suffer a lifetime of pain from his injuries in a jail cell. For those of all faiths who believe God is good then I hope all the unfortunate victims are in a safe, amazing place and that Khalid Masood is being subjected to Little Mix songs on a loop forever and being beaten with a spiked iron bar for all time.

NASA Outsmarted By British Schoolboy

nasa1  nasa2

When Miles Soloman, a 17 year old sixth former with an interest in space, told NASA their data was erroneous they told him they knew all about it. Miles had analysed data NASA had provided for anyone to inspect based on radiation levels and energy taken when Tim Peake was on the International Space Station. He was confused when he discovered some of the data indicated a negative energy level. Energy cannot be negative. NASA appeared none too pleased that they had not noticed the anomaly saying, ‘I wouldn’t say it was embarrassing.’ NASA do have form on this (see pics above) and it makes the fact they managed to get men on the Moon even more spectacular but I won’t be putting my name down for the trip to Mars any time soon.


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