Double Rapist Identifies As Transgender – Gets Transferred To Women’s Prison


trans11 trans22 trans33

At the risk of upsetting the rather vocal LGBTQHPD community here’s a story about a transgender rapist. Before I go on, does wearing an ill-fitting dress and slapping on enough make-up to ensure you look like Coco the clown make you a woman? No, unless you’re a street-walking prostitute. I can feel Julie, formerly Brian, from Colchester’s hairs rising on her chest as I write. Back to the story; Jessica Winfield, formerly Martin Ponting, underwent gender reassignment surgery (on the NHS!) after being convicted of two rapes and receiving a life sentence for her..his…crimes. I’ll warrant Ponting wasn’t identifying as a woman when he committed these rapes but suddenly decided to become female on realising he would spend the rest of his life in a male prison. Winfield complained 10 years ago that he/she was being victimised for being a transsexual. My heart and, I’m sure, those of the victims bleeds. Fewer, but still a significant number, women identify as men but I am not aware of one single case where a female prisoner has asked to be transferred to a male prison because of ‘victimisation’ and ‘discrimination’. A number of transgender female inmates have been placed in women’s prisons; the guidance states that if a man changes his name from Bill to Gill they are entitled to a transfer. This ruling is not at all open to abuse…….Since the turn of the century the numbers of transgender people has increased exponentially – is it really that many more believe they have been born into the ‘wrong’ body or is something deeper going on? LGBT groups would have us believe it is only now that people are becoming brave enough to ‘come out of the closet’ – but why is that closet full of such inappropriate clothing? It is argued that sexuality and sexual identity is not always a choice, it is a genetic necessity – that much is grudgingly accepted but it must surely be the case that if you commit such a very serious crime as rape whilst a man (and it can only be as a man) you should spend your sentence in a man’s gaol.

Liverpool To Celebrate 25 Years Since The Release Of Beatles Sgt Pepper Album

 beatles1  beatles2

Sacrilege! Everyone loves the Beatles, right? I’d rather listen to Little Mix doing Adele covers. To mark the 50th anniversary of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band – revered by Beatles enthusiasts – Liverpool will hold celebrations over two months with the album tracks being re-imagined by everyone from choirs to tribute bands. Liverpool styles itself on being the capital of UK music but if anyone can name a decent group or act to come out of Scouseland in the last 50 years I’d be very surprised. Even the Beatles, lauded as having Liverpool in their DNA, decided to f*ck off to London as soon as the money started coming in. McCartney occasionally comes back but only if he’s being paid a fortune to do so and he can get out again pronto. The album itself? Well, if you have a spare hour…cut your toenails and watch two episodes of the Nightly Show on catch up instead. So sorry if you’re a transgender Beatles lover – it’s not been your day has it?

First Transgender Power Ranger

power1   power2.jpg

Oh FFS. Cinema’s first transgender superhero is introduced in the new Power Rangers movie. Of course the portrayal is less than realistic because he/she is not a 6’4 docker in a miniskirt. Other film franchises considering the transition to more politically correct characters include; Jane Bond, Jessie Bourne, Conception, Trans Story 3, She-wolf of Wall Street and Guardians of the GalaXXY. I’m off to be re-educated for my unsavoury views. Back when I’m more transquil.


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