Former IRA Commander Martin McGuiness Dies Of Rare Heart Condition. A Present From God To His Victims.

ira1 ira3 ira4.jpg

Just to explain to the younger generation who did not grow up under the threat of being bombed by the IRA in England and Northern Ireland – the IRA are the equivalent of IS, cowards and murderers of innocent men, women and children. McGuiness was instrumental in organising shootings, bombings, intimidation and raising funds from dumb Americans in places like Boston. Later on he was accepted by Anthony Blair’s appeasing government as a legitimate politician  – like allowing Osama Bin Laden to Parliament as leader of the IS party. Blair also released many convicted IRA killers from the Maze prison under the auspices of a peace agreement. Not much comfort for the victims. Ironically war criminal Blair has praised the killer saying, ‘he is owed a debt of gratitude’ for turning from war-war to jaw-jaw, completely missing the point that McGuiness did this because the IRA were compromised by British Intelligence and he was weeks away from being imprisoned. As cowards do he didn’t stand and fight for his beliefs, he joined The Establishment he had been trying to bring down all his life in return for his freedom. No tears should be shed, no succour given or legitimacy argued for this disgrace of a man. Ask those whose children were blown to pieces in Warrington, Omagh and Canary wharf what they think and, as any parent would do, would mourn their loss and be sad that their killer can be buried in one piece, unlike their loved ones. All that is left to pray for is that Gerry Adams, sidekick to McGuiness and another murdering apologist, dies soon of a debilitating, painful illness. I have seen the argument on Twitter from people who know nothing that the Good Friday agreement could not have occurred without the co-operation of these two – the counter argument is that no peace process would have been necessary without the war they orchestrated in the first place. If I were able to influence the government I’d put forward the 21st March as a public holiday with street parties and bunting.

In Less Cheerful News, Britain Has Moved Up In The Happiness League

happy1.png happy2 happy3

The BBC are unlikely to report it this way but, since Brexit, Britain has moved up four places in the world happiness league. We are now 19th rather than 23rd but still in the relegation zone. Perhaps we need a change of manager. Claudio Ranieri anyone? Scandinavian countries take up 4 out the top 5 positions proving that snow and six months of darkness are no barrier to cheerfulness. Although Germany are 3 places above us France is suffering down in 32nd. Good. No prizes for guessing the countries languishing at the bottom; Syria, Yemen, sub-Saharan Africa including South Sudan and the Central African Republic. The report, rather obviously, suggests happy countries are those that have a balance of prosperity, a high degree of trust in society and confidence in government. I’d like to see where we are under a Marxist Jeremy Corbyn government – just behind Somalia I’d guess. Individual happiness is not recorded although in the UK George Osborne must be up there with anyone on strong meds and the audience of the Nightly Show.


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