25% Of Care Homes To Close Due To Shortage Of Money (Most Of It Going To George Osborne)

 care1    care2

An investigation has discovered care companies have cancelled contracts with 95 UK councils leading to what will constitute a crisis for elderly people who need care and also for the NHS which will bear the brunt of the problem, causing an increase in bed-blocking and reducing the number of beds available for emergency patients. The numbers dying in hospital corridors and in ambulances can only rise. The government have refused to comment, although it is rumoured the London Evening Standard will be printing a double page spread criticising Theresa May. Of the 212 UK councils 197 responded to a freedom of information request, nearly half of whom were concerned they would not be able to replace those care firms withdrawing with new ones. The issue is an age old one, namely lack of money in the system and a rapidly ageing population with complex medical needs. There are currently 2500 care companies in the country, of which one quarter are in danger of closing down. Chair of the Local Government Association, Izzy Seccombe (220 grand a year) claims; ‘the care home market is on the verge of collapse.’ The Centre For Workforce Intelligence (who knew there was one and what the hell do they do?) says over 2 MILLION MORE carers will be needed by 2025. Better begin recruiting in the European Union then……oh…I see problems…..I see dead people. The only options the government has is to either stop people getting old…read between the lines….or find humongous amounts of money from somewhere. Even sacking Gormless George from his 6 jobs will not be enough to fill the gap. I have a couple of suggestions; halt the ridiculous HS2 project, (a vanity project to shave 20 minutes off the time to reach London from Manchester) costing in excess of £70 billion, scale down the Trident nuclear weapons system to having a couple of people with binoculars, saving £50 billion, abolishing the entire House of Lords or abolishing the monarchy and selling off the assets (over £140 billion).

Comic Relief (And No, I’m Not Talking About Axing ‘The Nightly Show’)

charity1  charity2 charity3  charity4

BBC’s annual ’empty your pockets because you’ve been emotionally blackmailed by rich celebrities day’..or Red Nose Day as they call it, is almost upon us. Is it wrong to have a go at a ‘charidee’ event? Probably, but here goes anyway. This year the pearls of hilarity come from Lenny Henry, James Corden, Sally Phillips, Warwick Davis, Joe Lycett, Johnny Vegas and the cast of Love Actually reunited for ten rib cracking minutes. But here’s the rub, are all the ‘stars’ of the evening working for free? Are the celebrities, producers, editors, writers, cameramen, runners and security staff being paid, and, if so, how much? The BBC (funded by the licence payer  and should therefore be transparent) refuses to say. All the celebrities sent on a junket to Africa (again with cameramen, producers, security etc) to appear in films designed to make the viewer feel guilty about our ‘privileged’ lives, are they doing this for nothing? If they were ‘working’ for free the BBC would tell us at every available opportunity so we can assume they are not. So who’s paying? Licence fee payers of course, who are then being asked to fork out again as they shed tears over the story of 6 year old Mbele from Nigeria who speaks of losing his parents in a civil war, of living in a cesspit next to a toxic rubbish dump while being forced to eat his own arm – all with a camera shoved in his face while celebrity A cries all the way back to their 5 star hotel and 7 course in-house menu. All the inane mayhem comes from the O2 arena in London, which at least has been staffed and hired for free…………haha, don’t be silly of course it hasn’t. So, when I’m asked for money on Friday I can say with utter certainty that I’ve already given, I’ve paid for one of Hugh Grant’s fingernails.

Police Drones Rubbish At Dealing With Domestic Violence

drone1.png  drone3  drone4

Devon and Cornwall police have become the first in the country to launch a 24hour drone unit to offset the shortage of detectives and investigators. Drones will be used increasingly as police forces struggle to cope with cuts in their numbers. They are, however, pretty useless at knocking on doors, taking witness statements and helping old ladies across the road but good for spying on people who live in high rise flats, finding lost dogs and for taking videos of people sunbathing naked in their gardens.


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