Austerity Britain – MPs Vote To Give Richest Woman In The World £369million Grant To Refurbish Buckingham Palace

buckingham1   buck2

A massive refurbishment of Buckingham Palace has been given the green light by MPs, who voted 464 to 56 in favour. The Queen has a net cash worth of £550million, not including the Crown estate (worth an estimated £10 billion), Buckingham Palace itself (£5billion), the Royal Art Collection (could be up to £25billion) and unmarked swans on stretches of the Thames. In addition our monarch receives an annual stipend (paid for by the taxpayer of course) of £14million plus income gleaned from the estates of upwards of £600million. MPs decided to spend taxpayers money in this way because the Queen is obviously on her uppers and shouldn’t be responsible for doing up her own house. Further down the line it is likely the taxpayer will have to fork out up to £2billion to provide Her Majesty with a Royal Yacht. Makes you want to kick a Corgi, doesn’t it?  MPs don’t want to vote against the measure in case they are not considered for a peerage later on in their careers. The improvements will include; 100 miles of electrical cabling being replaced, 5000 light fittings, 2500 radiators, 6500 electrical sockets and 50 bedrooms being put aside to help the homeless……nah, of course that’s not true. So let’s all raise our glasses of Gout de Diamants champagne and say cheers to the Royals and their leader, our German head of State, unelected, rich as Croesus and fleecing the taxpayer to pay for more luxury than any of us could ever imagine. Seems reasonable.

Phil’s U-Turn Car Crash, ‘Apres Moi Le Deluge’

hammond2  hammond23

8th March 2017. Spring budget. Headline policy – self employed will pay more

15th march 2017. Self employed will not pay more.

After his own MPs told him raising National Insurance contributions for the self-employed was going against a Tory manifesto commitment, Chancellor Philip Hammond backs down like a timorous chicken facing a ravenous fox. This does not bode well for our Brexit negotiations. If the man grasping the country’s purse strings cannot get the simplest of elementary policies through Parliament without causing the Commons equivalent of a riot, then how can he be trusted to run even a local newsagent? Supporters have said that Phil was hung out to dry by the Prime Minister – let’s hope he ends up like a desiccated coconut, unused for years. The SNP called the move a ‘screeching, embarrassing U-turn’. To that I would add incompetent, unedifying and bemusing. In other fiscal matters the Conservative party has been fined a record £70,000 for fiddling their accounts with regard to 3 by-election campaigns. The Tories 2015 election spending failed to record payments worth £104,000, £118,000 was not reported or incorrectly reported to the electoral commission and the party did not include £52,000 of invoices and receipts. They also did not report all expenditure on a battlebus  campaign which helped ‘Call Me Dave’ win the 2015 general election. This should end up being a criminal matter but I’m betting they will get away with a slap on their Rolex adorned wrists.


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