Internet Inventor Calls For Facebook And Google To Step Up Efforts To Weed Out ‘Fake News’

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Tim Berners-Lee, creator of Katie Hopkins, cats that look like Hitler, pornography available to children, people who blog about food and dating sites for Nazi dwarves, has implored social media sites to tackle the insidious rise of Fake News stories. 28 years on from inventing the internet Mr Berners-Lee says that the misuse of data is having ‘a chilling effect on free speech.’ He argues that people are getting their news from a handful of social media sites and search engines, which is detrimental to democracy. He seems to forget that 28 years ago most people got their news from either the BBC or ITV as there were only 3 television channels. These are the very same channels that brought us tales of the Hillsborough victims being responsible for their own deaths due to their excessive drinking and appalling attitude toward the police (fake news, it was the fault of the police) and the government dossier that Saddam Hussain had weapons of mass destruction that could be deployed against us in 45 minutes (fake news, just made up to get the public to support an illegal war in Iraq).   …….more to follow…


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