Hopkins, Jesus And The ‘Twibel’ Case

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More controversial than Donald Trump kicking a Muslim in the face, more hated than Tony Blair strangling a puppy, Katie Hopkins has issued a tweet of herself as Jesus saying ‘I see myself as the Jesus of the outspoken.’ This follows a court case in which she ‘twibelled’ some non entity food blogger (WTF is a ‘food blogger?’ – ‘here’s me and a lettuce’, ‘here’s a pic of me with a cucumber (subsequently banned as pornographic’) which may cost Hopkins up to £500,000. Hopkins has made a lucrative career out of being objectionable but she does get the backs up of the politically correct brigade, which should be applauded in these times where saying anything contentious is met with snowflakes crying about the injustice of it all. I may not agree with what she says but I defend her right to say it. The food blogger (I refuse to mention the name) has achieved her aim – a few quid in the bank and an extra 250,000 followers, while Hopkins has enhanced her reputation as a loose cannon (and, incidentally, gained another 500,000 followers). Everyone’s a winner.


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