Greet Your Child With A Smile, Not A Mobile


Parents at a Primary school in Middlesbrough have been banned by the Head Teacher from being on their phones when they come to pick up their children at the end of the day. Ironically the order was sent by text message to parent’s mobiles.  The stated aim of the decree is to encourage more interaction in families by talking rather than relying on status updates. There may well be some merit in the Head’s ambition, but it doesn’t take into account that the first thing every child does on leaving school is switch their phones on. A sign on the school gates reads, ‘Greet your CHILD with a SMILE, NOT A MOBILE’ to which all pupils placed their hands on their ears saying, ‘Stop shouting, it hurts’. Headteacher Elizabeth King argues that she is trying to develop youngsters speaking and listening skills. Maybe I have missed the point, but isn’t that what school is for? Some parents have taken to Twitter to dismiss the move as ‘a bit daft, smiley face’. Meanwhile a Glasgow Primary school has banned parents from speaking to teachers due to a marked rise in teachers being verbally abused; using offensive language and shouting. And the parents are not much better.

Unexplained Energy Flashes ‘Could Be Proof Of The Existence Of Aliens’

space97 space99

Fast radio bursts (FRBs), an intense radio pulse lasting only a millisecond, have been detected in a galaxy far, far away. There are no known natural space phenomena to explain what these bursts of energy are, leading scientists to speculate that they could be leaked energy from powerful transmitters built to send giant light sail ships on interstellar voyages. These theoretical light sails would provide a space ship with pulses of energy, enough to transport them across space at great speed.  The energy FRBs give would be enough to send a payload of a million tons across galaxies (equivalent to 20 -30 of the largest cruise ships we have on Earth). I recently checked the betting odds for alien life being discovered in 2017. It was as low as 20/1 – but certainly worth a punt. I suspect if the aliens did come here and landed in the US they would be added to the travel ban list.


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