Former Chancellor (And Still An MP) George Osborne To Receive £650,000 For 48 Days ‘Work’ Per Year. What A *?$#.

 osborne1.png osborne2  osborne3   osborne4

Nice work if you can get it. For those who believe a few years in politics is just a necessary process to endure before earning megabucks with corporations you have helped during your days in Parliament, then look no further than the shameless Bullingdon posh boy George Osborne (real name Gideon but changed it to get into politics without sounding like a complete git). In the Commons register of interests Osborne has disclosed he is being paid to ‘advise’ US company Blackrock to the tune of £162,500 per quarter and would ‘work’ 48 days per year. Since leaving office in July this year Greedy George has ‘earned’ £800,000 for a number of speeches to banks and other unfathomably rich firms. Mr Osborne has also revealed he will receive ‘registrable equity’ (shares) in Blackrock in the future. Why would Blackrock pay him so much for so little? Contacts, dear reader, contacts. The US company has explained that Osborne would provide ‘perspectives on European politics and policy and Chinese economic reforms’ as well as wider geo-political trends – meaning he knows people who could ease the path for Blackrock to get contracts worth £millions, if not billions. Osborne is not the only ex-Minister to cash in on his previous job,  Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and William Hague have all managed to secure positions with large banking corporations, receiving enormous wads of cash for their ‘expertise’.  It is time to prevent these rapacious muttonheads from getting an MPs salary while maintaining the pretence that they are still serving their constituents. It is worth  noting that 6 of the last 8 Chancellors have been the richest person in the Cabinet, including current Chancellor Philip Hammond, who yesterday cut benefits for the poorest, taxed 2m low earning self-employed people whilst cutting tax for the rich-as-Croesus banking institutions – who will, no doubt, reward him when he leaves office.

Only 1 in 50 Applicants To Pret(entious)-A-Manger Is British

pret1 pret2 pret3

UK based sandwich behemoth Pret-A-Manger has revealed that recruitment of British staff is hindered by the fact that only 1 in every 50 applicants is British. Despite offering wages over the living wage ‘Pret’ is not an attractive proposition for the Brits, say Pret-A-Manger executives. The company announced the figures with a mind to Britain exiting the EU – suggesting that limits on the numbers of migrants would mean they can no longer staff their shops. Most of the company’s outlets are based in London where, inside the shop, you’ll find a coffee with hazelnut syrup, infused with Rosemary and Thyme, costing £8-50 a pop. Outside the shop you’ll find some t*&t willing to pay £8-50 for a coffee. Since the Brexit vote a number of service sector industries have indicated that British people do not want to work for them. No proof has been forthcoming but it allows these companies to argue for continued unfettered immigration, especially from the EU. It’s hard to disabuse oneself of the notion that there is a political motive here, after all, if the wages are above the living wage, why would the British not want to take up these jobs? Perhaps the real reason Brits no longer apply for such jobs is that they feel there is an inbuilt bias towards foreigners? In a recent London schools survey, to the question ‘Where was Jesus born?’ 57% replied ‘in a Pret-A-Manger’. Shows that private schools are not always worth the money.

Iraq And Afghanistan War Memorial – Guess Who Didn’t Show Up?

blair4  blair5.png

682 British troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. An estimated 1.5 million civilians died as a result of Blair’s illegal wars. Today marked the unveiling of a memorial to those who died. The architect of their destruction, Anthony Blair, decides not to attend. He has never apologised for depriving so many children and wives of their fathers and husbands. This war criminal took on a job after his period in office as a Middle East peace envoy, raking in millions while achieving….precisely nothing. Blair now wants Donald Trump to employ him again as a peace envoy – there is nothing so lucrative as irony. Once asked by a journalist, ‘How do you sleep at night?’ he replied, ‘Very well, how about you?’. P*%@k.


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