Predictions For Philip Hammond’s Budget On Wednesday

chancellor chancellor2 chancellor3









The Chancellor will aggressively pursue multi-billion pound companies to pay their fair share of tax….excuse me while I stop laughing, he really won’t. He will cut disability and other benefits for the poor and vulnerable…..yes, yes, he will do that. He will give greater protection and employment rights for the million+ workers on zero hours contracts…….nope, only in their wildest dreams. Rich Phil will cut the bloated overseas aid budget giving money to corrupt corporations and governments and pass the savings to mental health services and social care……*rolls on the floor mirthfully*. Hammond will announce an extra few billion for the NHS, which will turn out to be funds already promised last year….yep, nailed on. For the JAMS (Just about managing) he will raise his middle finger and say f*ck you……yes, but with more subtlety. He will cut Lords daily allowances to £100 per day and reduce the subsidies on a bottle of Claret in the Commons restaurants…..dream on. He will take the opportunity to resign in order to spend more time counting his millions…only in a parallel universe. To summarise, people with average incomes will see hardly a jot of difference, poor people will remain poor, perhaps slightly poorer and the rich will receive tax cuts and bonuses worth a few terms of private school for Eliza and William. We all love a Tory budget, don’t we?



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