Snowflake Story No 1,834,362 – Rees-Mogg Given Short Shrift Over ‘Pygmygate’

pygmy1 pygmy3

Gentle Victorian Tory throwback Jacob Rees-Mogg has been criticised in Parliament by Labour’s Tulip Siddiq for his use of the word pygmy to describe his political opponents. He said “It’s a remarkable time to be a Conservative…. It is as strong as it has been since the heyday of Margaret Thatcher, the dominance that we have of the political scene and the pygmy nature of our opponents…” Politicians are currently grappling with issues including Brexit, NHS, social care, terrorism, climate change, education and the economy. Ms Siddiq (can I use Ms? Ah f*ck it) used her time in the Commons to question whether Mr Rees-Mogg had used the term in reference to her stature as the smallest MP in Parliament and, even if he didn’t, she was still offended by it. Good to know Her Majesty’s Opposition has got their finger on the pulse of the nation. A Commons debate on the impact of dwarfism on the mining industry has had to be cancelled because Labour and Liberal MPs are not Happy – in fact statistically 6 out 7 dwarves are not Happy. Rees-Mogg has not been sanctioned for the comment leaving Ms Siddiq very Grumpy.

Government To Force 18 -21s Towards Homelessness – Are They Hobophobic?

homeless1   homeless2  homeless3

In the darkest of dark nights the government has slipped out proposals to revive a policy that would see 18 – 21 year olds barred from claiming housing benefit, leading to claims this would see a huge rise in young people finding themselves homeless. This is not the first time this policy has been muted, George Osborne (these days known as 6 jobs George after taking on Directorships and speaking engagements worth at least £750,000) tried to introduce it in 2015 until it was dropped due to huge opposition from MPs and homelessness groups. The government has been branded ‘shameless’ and ‘heartless’ returning to the nasty party of old. When have they been away? The change will affect over 11,000 young people and cut £105million from the benefits budget (about 1/100th of how much Amazon and other parasitic companies are saving on their tax bills). Seems a strange move from a Prime Minister who promised to govern for everyone. Everyone but the vulnerable it seems. Homelessness rates have risen by over 100% since 2010, a disgusting indictment of Tory austerity cuts. Work and Pensions secretary Damian Green (an intellectual pygmy) has been (rightly) criticised for putting the new regulations before Parliament late on Friday when the Commons wasn’t sitting. Cowardly, underhand and devious are words that spring to mind. Sums up the Tories really, who recognise that the Labour Party are such a shambles they can bring in contentious bills with no fear of opposition.


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