If Team Sky And British Cycling Are ‘The Cleanest And Most Ethical Cycling Team In The World’, I’m Lord Cuthbert Of Camberwick Green

cycling5.jpg   cycling6.png

Courier for British Cycling Simon Cope was interviewed by a Parliamentary Select Committee yesterday and asked to explain what was in a package he took in a jiffy bag to team doctor Richard Freeman in France, via Geneva, four days after Bradley Wiggins was supposed to have needed it. Astonishingly he was unable to say whether he delivered a kilo of cocaine or much needed medication for the cycling team, there being a number who seem to be suffering from asthma related conditions. It was originally conceded that the drugs were Flumicil, which can be used for asthma (although no use to help the condition which, it is claimed, affects Sir Bradley Wiggins). However, the package may have contained Triamcinolone, a banned steroid, for which Wiggins would have required a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). Cope was questioned about why he took the package via a circuitous route through Europe, taking four days, His answer? “I might have been trying to fiddle my expenses claim. We all do that.” He also claimed his memory of the trip was blank saying, “If you asked me what I did last Tuesday, I couldn’t remember.” All very whiffy. Mr Freeman, the doctor who administered the drugs to Wiggins (who subsequently won a prestigious race) will not appear before the MPs due to an unspecified illness – perhaps someone can take him a jiffy bag full of medication to help him out? He also now claims to be in the thrall of a psychiatric condition – I guess this will end up being a memory inhibiting mental illness, which will mean he cannot even remember the name of Bradley Wiggins, never mind what drugs he gave him. To summarise; the doctor is bent, the courier is bent and Sir Bradley is bent. Is that slanderous? It’s only an opinion. If I was the Olympic committee I think it’d be worth checking out Wiggins’ gold medal races.



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