Compulsory Sex Education To Be Mandatory, But Guess Who’s Exempt?

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The government has announced that Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) will be made compulsory. This has previously only been the case in local authority run schools but will now include academies and free schools, which are outside local authority influence. The Conservatives believe that it is crucially important to the development of young people to take part in sex education lessons but the legislation only applies to non-religious schools. Catholic, Muslim and other faith schools are under no obligation to tackle the issue. There can only be two reasons for this;  that youngsters of faith do not have sex or that the government is scared to death of being told to go forth and multiply by religious leaders. Compulsory, it appears, does not mean what most of us would understand by the word but, in reality, means ‘sort of obligatory’, because forcing e.g. Muslim and Catholic schools to discuss same sex relationships would be incendiary. Educating children from the age of four is included in the proposal, tackling subjects such as sexting, online pornography and sexual harassment. Four? At that age I was busy playing in a sand pit and learning to tie my own shoelaces. There are many lessons to be learned about relationships but are not likely to be part of the curriculum; the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his chest, the Love Bird is 100% faithful to his mate – as long as they are locked together in the same cage, there is nothing wrong with making love with the lights on, just make sure the car door is closed, always get married early in the morning, that way, if it doesn’t work out, you haven’t wasted a whole day, it was a man’s world, then Eve arrived and if you are married it takes just one to make a quarrel.

Richest Families Dominate Best State Schools

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Politicians created state schools (comprehensives) to ensure that regardless of family income each child has an equal opportunity of progressing in life. What happened? Data shows that in England’s top schools 43% of pupils are from the wealthiest 20% of families. This has occurred because of the rise in house prices (almost £46,000 more for a home in a good catchment area) and the inability of poorer families to remain in those areas, resulting in less well off  children having to go to schools Ofsted has designated as ‘really crap’. Today parents will receive confirmation of where their kids will be educated, with over 90,000 children not being assigned their first choice of school. It is understood that Tarquin and Jemima will go to an outstanding establishment while Chantelle and Dwayne will be pre-emptively carted off to a Young Offenders Institute. A survey of parents showed that 9 out 10 thought it ‘very important’ their child went to a highly rated school. Huh? Nine out of ten? What were the other 10% thinking – I want little Johnny to attend a sh*t school, it’ll be the making of him? The good news is that the Tories are bringing back grammar schools and that should redress the balance…….of course it will. My advice, and I swear to drunk I’m not God, but seriously, stay in drugs, eat school and don’t do vegetables. I found that ever since I took geometry at school my life has turned around 360 degrees but now I’m older if Google ever goes down and stays down, I’m screwed. I only know four facts and they’re all about aliens and I’ve already forgot three of them.

Death Of The English Language Part One

language1   language2

As we’re talking today about education here are a few words heard on TV this week;






No? Me neither. I feel like I’m the victim of ignorantationalism.


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