Government departments told to find ‘savings’ of 6% – while £70 billion given away in tax cuts to rich individuals and corporations

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The Treasury has contacted all government departments to ask them to find cuts of 6% in order to save the government £3.5 billion. The ‘efficiency review’ will not apply to the NHS or core schools budgets, will not affect 2% of GDP on defence or the 0.7% (£7.8billion) on overseas aid to countries like India and China, two of the top 5 richest countries in the world.  The estimated (lowest) £93 million it costs the taxpayer to run the bloated, antiquated, totally undemocratic House of Lords is not up for review, nor are the subsidised bars and restaurants for members of the House of Commons or Lords. Not a single person in the Commons or Lords, including Liberals or Socialists, has ever been heard to give voters a reason why they should receive taxpayer’s money to pay for their bottles of Claret and Venison dinners. This week the government petitions office will publish a petition asking for the £300 per day peers to be stopped, especially if those peers sign in, claim their money and then leave, contributing nothing to the House. Please sign. I’m not a psychic but I predict the cuts (savings!) will fall on the most vulnerable e.g. Disability and other benefits claimants, low paid workers and local services such as social care, mental health and libraries. Meanwhile MPs will continue to have their mortgages paid, expenses paid for ‘fact finding’ trips to Hawaii or the Caribbean, expenses to employ their own family members and salaries at least twice the national average. That’s notwithstanding the 60%+ who have second jobs. Chief Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke, said, ‘…government is working together to consider how we can live within our means while delivering maximum value for every pound of taxpayer’s money.’ Not a trace of irony in the statement. I think I’ve covered where he could look to make the savings.

Sir John Major Accuses Theresa May of ‘Overselling’ Brexit

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Ex-prime Minister Sir John Major, infamous for calling his Cabinet members b*stards for briefing against him and for sh*gging Edwina Currie, has waded into the Brexit debate by accusing Theresa May of ‘overselling’ the benefits of leaving the EU. Major believes the public are being duped by the Prime Minister into thinking life outside the money tree that is the EU will be better than the reality. Not known for being a fortune teller, Major sees a future of trade deals carved with China, America and the EU as against the British interest. Sir John was the ‘accidental’ Prime Minster, following the Conservative coup against their own heroine Margaret Thatcher, and he achieved…….nothing of note. in the last two week we have had Tony ’10 houses’ Blair (£50,000 per speech), Lord Peter ‘Voldermort’ Mandelson (earns a fortune from European interests) and now John Major making speeches critical of Leave voters and government complicity in ensuring the will of the people is carried out. Why these three would suddenly rise from the anti-democratic slime which they now inhabit is unclear……although each of them has been paid 5 figure sums for making these speeches by companies with big stakes in the European Union. To take a leaf out of Mr Major’s book….b*stards.

If You Thought Wayne Shaw’s Pie Eating Escapade Was Bad, Try This


Two hockey teams in the Russian Super League have been ordered to replay a game after the match finished 11-9. Okay so far. The issue for the match officials was that each of the 20 goals was an OWN goal prompting fears the game had been fixed. No sh*t. Taking note were officials from the Chinese Super League who declared that next weeks top of the table football clash between Shanghai SIPG FC and Guangzhou FC will finish 4-2 to Guangzhou.



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